The beauty and prestige of the Casino de Venezia

As technologies get better, many video games are able to provide experiences that are that much closer to the real thing. This isn’t to say that the real world allows many opportunities for you to suddenly pull off grinds with your skateboard on the edges of multi-story structures; but a skateboarding game’s digital representation of it could look and sound real enough to really sell the fantasy. Online casino games… Read More »The beauty and prestige of the Casino de Venezia

Preparing for the Finest UK Experience

Setting foot in the United Kingdom is a  lifelong dream for many. Personally, it is a dream too – a longing evoked by years of reading literature and watching movies that featured mesmerizing English countryside. I felt and breathed fresh royal air while reading historical romances that featured the Moorish marsh and the landscapes of medieval England and I also walked with Sherlock Holmes finding adventure in the streets of… Read More »Preparing for the Finest UK Experience
Beach in Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga, Spain

Best Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain is one of the most beautiful and magnificent country in Europe. If you really wanted to have a vacation in Europe then you should write Spain first on your list. Reasons why you should pick Spain for your vacation: 1. Spain is full of many tourist destinations that suit the tastes of every individual tourist including outdoor adventures, culture and urban lifestyle. If you want adventure, then visit Granada,… Read More »Best Reasons to Visit Spain

Top 5 Affordable Hotels to Stay in London

If one were to think of great cities of the world with great hotels, the list would probably be comprised of  New York, London, Abu Dhabi, Naples, Zurich, and Paris to name a few. However, no place is as adept at combining old world charm and new world comfort as London. London and New York are famous for high priced real estate being reflected in the cost of a hotel.… Read More »Top 5 Affordable Hotels to Stay in London

Visiting Holland? Dont Forget to Check Them Out

Europe is very attractive to many people when it comes to vacation and one of the best places to go in Europe is Holland.  They say best engineers are abundant in Amsterdam that is why you should consider spending time to experience the best waterworks engineering in Amsterdam. Amazing Places to Visit in Holland Holland Houseboats I am pretty sure you have heard of boats, but what about house boats?… Read More »Visiting Holland? Dont Forget to Check Them Out



Sunsets. There’s never one the same and it’s probably why we, photography enthusiasts, try to capture such fleeting moments as much as possible – wherever chance takes us.  There are a number of places famous for their sunsets and luckily we’re able to see most of them published all over the internet. Some of them would be the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Santorini, in Greece,  Yosemite National Park in California, Uluru in Australia, Angkor in Cambodia and Catania in Italy.

There was an article published once featuring the British population on their view about the most beautiful sunsets. Many have only recommended the above mentioned sights/sites and none of any in England. But, there are many wonderful places to view sunsets that the UK boasts too, a long list of them if you may. Some of them would be the Primrose Hill in London, Durham Cathedral in Durham, Port Talbot in Southwales, Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh, Crosby Sands in Liverpool and of course ride up the Manchester wheel for a spectacular view of the city.

One of the most overlooked (in my humble opinion) is Staithes, an unassuming seaside village in the Scarborough Borough of North Yorkshire in England. It’s part of the large stretch of the coast of Yorkshire. The Staithes is easily accessible with flights to Leeds Bradford International Airport via Eastern airways then a train or two from there. Flights are available from London Gatwick, Bristol, Newquay, Plymouth, and other cities of the UK.


Staithes, North Yorkshire

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Shore Excursions in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the most popular city of the Canary Islands, and with a population of over 300,000 people, it is the ninth largest city in Spain. Nearly 20 per cent of the Canary Islands’ habitants live in Las Palmas, and it’s also the largest city of the European Union that lies outside of a continent. Located about 150 kilometers off the northwest coast of Africa, Las Palmas enjoys a sub-tropical climate, and according to some scientists, the most perfect climate in the world.

Founded as a city in 1478, Las Palmas was considered the only capital of the Canary Islands until the late seventeenth century and the birth of Santa Cruz. First named “Real de Las Palmas” by founder and head of Castilian forces Juan Rejon, Las Palmas has been a popular holiday destination for holidaymakers all over the world for hundreds of years.

las palmas panorama

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5 Things Set to Affect Your Vienna Exchange Rate

Do you plan to visit Vienna? Can’t wait to see the Hofburg Imperial Palace, or the Ringstrasse? Then, before you go, there’s the important matter of changing currencies. Because, unless you’re already in the Eurozone, you’ll have to change whatever currency you use at home to euros before you arrive. US dollars won’t take you too far in Wien (as the city is known by the locals!)

Given that, when’s the best time to buy your euros? What’s set to influence the euro exchange rate? In this post, I want to look at 5 things set to rock the euro in the coming weeks. If you plan to visit Vienna soon, these could help you determine when the euro is weakest (and therefore, when you’re more likely to get the highest common currency total!)


Theseus temple

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Google Analytics Conference at the Schönbrunn Grounds (and testing full-frame format)

 The leaves around Vienna turned red, brown and yellow and it’s my perfect excuse to be out and about and take photos of nature’s changing colors.  It’s also my first time to test the new camera, so I had double the excuse. ^_^

What perfect spot to take photos of than the Schönbrunn palace and grounds? Well, I had planned to visit anyway because I learned that Google will be conducting a conference, about analytics – what a blogger like me should learn about more. Sad to say, aside from not having a regular nanny to take care of the kids, I can’t really shell out a big amount of money, just like that. Tickets cost for early birds: € 290,- 1 day / € 580,- for both days. (List Price: € 390,- / € 680,-) !!!

So yeah, I went but perennially late me came up to the lobby only to get some information about the day’s event and what could be tomorrow’s. So lame!

google analytics conference

conference hall

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