Wednesday Windows #21 – Mozart’s Birthplace

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Some time ago we got to visit the enchanting city of Salzburg, Austria’s fourth largest city. It’s a three-hour ride from Vienna and as usual we did the walking when we got there…going through streets here and there, taking photos of whatever we see and of course buying souvenirs for us and friends.


mozart's geburthaus
Mozart’s birthplace at Getreidegasse Nr. 9, Salzburg

e of the highlights of this trip is a visit to the birthplace of music prodigy, influential composer Wolgang Amadeus Mozart in Getreidegasse #9. It’s at the Old Town, a charming street full of shops at the foot of a mountain I forgot the name of. It’s quite an attractive street, will definitely post photos next week…

Mozart’s birthplace and house until he was 17 was in this building but nowadays, the whole building has been turned into a museum housing Mozart’s memorabilia and other important details about him. It’s forbidden to take photos inside the building but my daughter, I think, was able to take some before she was told off…will look for those. Mozart transferred to Vienna, in Domgasse, when he was 17 and eventually got married there and raised a family. The building where he had lived has also been a museum dedicated to his memory.

View from the passageway


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