The beauty and prestige of the Casino de Venezia

As technologies get better, many video games are able to provide experiences that are that much closer to the real thing. This isn’t to say that the real world allows many opportunities for you to suddenly pull off grinds with your skateboard on the edges of multi-story structures; but a skateboarding game’s digital representation of it could look and sound real enough to really sell the fantasy.

Online casino games are definitely among those in the gaming industry that strive to provide its patrons with an experience as similar to brick-and-mortar gaming establishments as possible. Many gaming companies are even getting bigger doing so.

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 Online casino games developer IGT – whose many titles are featured on gaming distributor site – has just further expanded its empire into a more significant Asian market. Known for its pioneering work on games that utilize actual live video feeds, IGT is all too familiar with the merits of authentic digital simulations.

Nonetheless, it must be said that there are still some things which virtual facsimiles have yet to recreate faithfully: the din and texture of a physical game room provided by the living, breathing patrons that populate it; and more importantly, the intangible air of prestige that the best of these gaming places carry.

Ca Vendramin Calergi

Especially of the latter, the Casino de Venezia has in spades, precisely because it’s the oldest gaming place not just in Europe, but in the world. Housed in the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi palace which was constructed at the height of the Renaissance, the Casino de Venezia’s classical trimmings recalls the bygone days when pompous grandeur seemed to be the norm.

Further adding to its exceptional aura is the romantic tinge provided by its location along the world-renowned canals of Venice. There’s a certain kind of feeling that the image of a Venetian gondola ride brings, especially when contrasted with the more modern modes of transportation of the rest of Italy.

By and large, it’s the ambiance more than anything that separates a night out at the Casino de Venezia from the usual online gaming fare; but it’s a separation that just has to be traversed by the true gaming aficionado.

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  1. Wow, how amazing that it’s the oldest gaming place in the world! I never really thought of casinos as historic!

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