Worthy of Your Time Places in Germany

Germany is one of the most visited places by travelers around the world. Though all places in Germany have great stories and vacation destinations to offer, it is still cannot be denied that Berlin is the most favorite by vacationers in Germany. No questions, because Berlin being the capital of Germany will always be great to explore other places in Germany while you are on vacation – here are ten of the most unique things you can do in Berlin. And below are the other places and things you should see and do in Germany.



Neuschwanstein is one of the most admired places in Germany. Seeing this beautiful palace, you will notice that this was the inspiration in many fairy tale stories such as Sleeping Beauty and many others. No wonder this has become an inspiration as well in many Disneyland Parks. King Ludwig II was the one who commissioned the castle, however, before the castle was totally finished in 1886 the king was declared insane and was found dead after a few days.

germany Neuschwanstein

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the famous landmarks in Germany and in Europe as a whole. Historically, Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of unification of West and East Berlin. This famous landmark is also regarded as the lone surviving city gate of Berlin. Since the birth of Brandenburg Gate during the 18th century, this served as the main gate for Unter den Linden. This passage serves as a direct access to Prussian monarchs which are one of the important palaces during its time.

Brandenburg Tor at dusk


Heidelberg Old City

Situated near the mountains and river valley, Heidelberg Old City is another popular tourist destination in Germany. This old city miraculously was spared by bombings and attacks during the World War II.  Because of this luck, the old city was able to preserve its beauty and charm of the long and narrow streets and beautiful houses and of course the very famous Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg Square



Being one of the top and most visited tourist attraction in Germany, the Holstentor cannot escape the list of beautiful spots in Europe. Seen in number of movies, this gate that was built as a symbol to Lübeck.  This place should not go out of your list from the places that you need to visit in Europe.

tor = gate


Cologne Cathedral

Now, let’s talk about another famous landmark in Germany, the Cologne Cathedral. If you are someone who loves gothic architecture, you should not miss this one. How can you if this one of the famous landmarks? The construction of this cathedral initiated in 1248 and you will be surprised to know that it took 600 years to be finished. Wonder why, well that 600 years have some interruptions in between construction! This cathedral which was dedicated to our beloved and revered saints Peter and Mary also serves as the seat to the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne.

Floodlit Cologne Cathedral



If your visit in Germany, particularly in Munich happens to be by the end of September until the first week of October, you may attend the famous Oktoberfest and experience variety of beers from different places. The kinds of traditional beers in this occasion can be anything from German, Knodel, Hendl, Schweinebraten and Wurstl. This festivity was initiated back in 1810 as a showcase of Bavarian culture.  Join this celebration and be counted in over 6 million attendees from different parts of the world.

Nighttime Oktoberfest

Having all this activities in your vacation itinerary in Germany, you will not have a single hour with nothing to do so better be prepared for the fun and excitement.


  1. Mona Verdida

    May 20, 2017 at 9:01 am

    I was at awe while looking at the majestic pictures of the castles! So beautiful! Definitely worth traveling halfway around the world.

  2. Marianne S.

    May 28, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    WOW! That would be so Amazingly breathtaking to see in person.

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