Google Analytics Conference at the Schönbrunn Grounds (and testing full-frame format)

Google Analytics Conference at the Schönbrunn Grounds (and testing full-frame format)

 The leaves around Vienna turned red, brown and yellow and it’s my perfect excuse to be out and about and take photos of nature’s changing colors.  It’s also my first time to test the new camera, so I had double the excuse. ^_^

What perfect spot to take photos of than the Schönbrunn palace and grounds? Well, I had planned to visit anyway because I learned that Google will be conducting a conference, about analytics – what a blogger like me should learn about more. Sad to say, aside from not having a regular nanny to take care of the kids, I can’t really shell out a big amount of money, just like that. Tickets cost for early birds: € 290,- 1 day / € 580,- for both days. (List Price: € 390,- / € 680,-) !!!

So yeah, I went but perennially late me came up to the lobby only to get some information about the day’s event and what could be tomorrow’s. So lame!

google analytics conference
conference hall

To give an insight about the two-day event, here’s the scheduled topics:

  • What´s new and exciting with Google Analytics
  • Customer Journey & Multichannel
  • Search Analytics
  • Conversion-Optimization with Google Analytics
  • Advanced Traffic Attribution ü Mobile & App Tracking; E-Mail Tracking
  • Social Media (Monitoring) and Google Analytics
  • Best Practice and Case Studies
  • Workshops: Advanced GATC, Implementation Events, Custom Vars, API etc
Of course, a lot of tips on how to make use of Google analytics will be given. (Sob!)
orangerie, schönbrunn

The conference was at the side hall of the Orangerie at the northeastern part of the garden. So I just went about walking aimlessly and shooting. What can I say? I love the images from this full-format DSLR! Despite its weight I’ll definitely be bringing this beast more often…and yes, I’m willing to break my neck and shoulders in the process. ^_^

dried up but sky is still lovely
deceitful sunshine

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