Wonderful Days While Vacationing in Culturally Diverse Spain

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When you think about colorful festivals, diverse culture, and rich history, one of the countries that come to mind is Spain. This country in the Iberian Peninsula has a lot to offer to tourists.

Side-by-side with its cosmopolitan European neighbors, Spain is considered to be an exotic destination with a lot of the traditions and festivities still alive to this day. The sights to see include a number of beaches, lush forests, and lively festivals. There are also a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are located in this country. Of course, the islands around the peninsula are not to be missed. This is definitely a destination to include in your travel list.

Punta teno (Teno massif) in Tenerife

With the assortment of activities you can enjoy in Spain, you can plan your vacation as you wish. Your itinerary would, of course, depend on who you are travelling with. While you might think that a lot of the activities to do in Spain are for adults, there are actually places that cater to children’s interests as well. The beaches and the islands are always fun for kids and kids at heart. For those looking for outdoor adventure with the gang, hiking on the trails or camping in the forests is a great way to explore the islands. The not so adventurous can stay in the city or at the beach fronts to enjoy the bustling night life.

As you plan your vacation, check out these top three islands to visit in Spain:

1. Tenerife is a popular destination for people coming from the UK and Germany. This island is also frequented by locals. As with many other beaches around the world, this destination is known for diving and water sports. The difference is that you can dive into Tenerife’s waters anytime of the year. Diving tours can take you to Las Galletas where you can feed the stingrays and to the harbour wall in Puerto de la Cruz where you can marvel at the volcanic rock formations that have been sculpted by time and nature.

On dry land, you can immerse yourself in the community by visiting the markets, the old towns, and the historic sites in the island. There is a beautiful botanical garden to see just off Puerto dela Cruz. If you happen to schedule your travel in February, don’t miss the fancy dress parade held in the island by the locals. This parade is said to rival those held in Rio and Notting Hill.

Sunset at Ibiza

2. Ibiza is the island of choice for partygoers and holidaymakers. It is also an attraction for those who are planning to propose or to get married. There are studies that show an increase in the number of couples, usually from the UK and Germany, flying into the island to get married. There are a number of wedding planners and organizers in the island to make sure that this special day goes perfect for the couple. There is no need to fly out to another destination for the honeymoon as Ibiza offers a number of romantic places to visit. If you can find a local who knows where Atlantis is, you can visit this hidden cove. You can also choose to head out to, Cova de Can Marca, one of the island’s biggest natural caves located in Puerto de San Miguel. There’s also the mystical island rock Es Vedra just off the island’s west coast. What’s a honeymoon without time to lounge lazily at any one of the many beaches in Ibiza?

3. Majorca offers plenty of possibilities for groups of friends out on a budget getaway. There are plenty of beaches to enjoy at affordable prices. Even food and lodging can drop in terms of prices. It is no wonder that millions of tourists visit this island during the peak season alone. Exploring the island can be an adventure in itself with plenty of cultural sights to see in Palma, the island’s capital. Deeper into the mountains and forests are places where you can go hiking, camping, and birdwatching. For those looking for extreme activities, there is the psicobloc or deep water soloing for rock climbers.

There’s a whole lot more to Spain than these three islands. The internet is a wealth of information today. You can do a search of the most interesting places to visit in Spain or in any other place in the world. Get those fingertips working and start planning how to spend your dias felices in Spain.

Pollensa Bay, Majorca


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  1. What amazing photographs of seascape and the saturated sunset at Ibiza. These are one of my favorite forte in photography which I enjoy shooting. Include the amazing Spain is just amazing.

  2. Ah, yet another country in my list of romantic places to visit. After reading your post, I am more convinced that I should save up so I can visit this beautiful country soon. Reading your post is like going on a virtual tour of Spain. 🙂

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