Wednesday Windows #19 – Salzburg from above

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Vacation started around here and so we went to a nearby city over the weekend. We were planning to visit Bratislava, Slovak’s capital city but decided on the last minute to visit Salzburg instead. Mozart’s birthplace and the home of the sound of Music.

View from a window of the Hohensalzburg Castle.

The city is truly enchanting, whereby one walks on cobblestones into hidden streets which are actually a treasure trove of history, trinkets and many picturesque spots. I have to get back to that later though because what I enjoyed the most was the view of the city from atop the Hohensalzburg Castle, one of Europe’s largest medieval fortress to date. It is situated at the top of the Festungsberg mountain and is reachable by foot or by tram. Hubby went up ahead, to hike perhaps hihi, with a friend while the kids and I took the tram…we don’t want any whining from them. ^_^

Upon alighting we went to search for hubby and went about the front bailey…not there. We went back from where we came off and to the back bailey. We went some stairs up and saw hubby and companion shooting some arrows.

Spires, churches and buildings by the Salzach, Salzburg’s main river.

The inner courtyard of the castle houses some restaurants nowadays, mostly redone to adapt for tourism but a large part has remained intact and would give you a good view of what was life there back in the days. Ladders, more cobblestones, beer barrels and spears characterizes the medieval era and so those are what you’d probably notice. As mentioned above, there’s a small corner where one can show-off skills or practice an archery of sorts. I just don’t know how the two fare in this department.

From the courtyard, we went to what could be the keep of the castle and from there went down to the front bailey again.

From the front bailey of the castle, one can enjoy viewing the charming city of Salzburg, the Salzach River, domes, spires, belltowers and a lot more buildings along with the greenery. While the back bailey is a perfect spot to have a grander view of another mountain, unadulterated, luscious green, bathing under the sunny sky.

salzburg mountain side
Yours truly taking photos of the mountainside

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