Visiting Holland? Dont Forget to Check Them Out

Europe is very attractive to many people when it comes to vacation and one of the best places to go in Europe is Holland.  They say best engineers are abundant in Amsterdam that is why you should consider spending time to experience the best waterworks engineering in Amsterdam.

Amazing Places to Visit in Holland

Holland Houseboats

I am pretty sure you have heard of boats, but what about house boats? Well, there’s one you should not miss in Amsterdam and in Holland. Living in houseboats became popular at the place in the year 1970’s. You can imagine a usual type of house with all the facilities on it such as the bedroom, kitchen, living room, toilet and even terraces. This typical Dutch way living in the water is being showcased at the Houseboat Museum so you should really not miss this on your upcoming visit.  Can you imagine how this way of Dutch people to survive life become a tourist attraction nowadays.

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Visiting the Efteling means seeing a World of Wonders and this place has been here for almost 60 years, so going to Holland should not be complete without experiencing Efteling especially for first timers. Let’s get you a little history of Efteling, this theme park actually started in 1952. It opened with the ‘Fairytale Forest’ – the theme park developed through the years keeping every expectations met, giving out new surprises and entertainment. This place is great for the whole family to spend time together.

Flying Dutchman water coaster in Efteling


Of course, everyone wants to be in a beautiful and wonderful place. In Holland, a beautiful place means Begijnhof. This place dates from 1300 where many typical styles of houses in Amsterdam are located. The place is reach with colorful history, miracles and even sisterhood within Catholics. If you have already decided visiting Beginjhof the place in open daily from 9AM to 5PM. Utmost discipline is expected  to all visitors. It should be well understood that the place is in private possession and it is a place for silence.

Leuven Groot Begijnhof

Madame Tussauds

Having children to tag along with you on your vacation means going to educational yet entertaining places that is why visiting the famous wax museum in London called Madame Tussauds will be a good idea. This place is very famous in Holland and it also has different branches in other cities not to mention the one in Amsterdam.

corner building – Madame Tussauds

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Being close to The Queen, or at least to the place and things associated to The Queen is one of the privilege you will enjoy in visiting Holland. Here you will be able to visit the Royal Palace in Amsterdam where the The Queen does her administration purposes.  Admiring the great architectural style and huge building of the Royal Palace can never be compared to visiting just any mall or hotel.  By the way, the Royal Palace was built in 17th century, just for your info.

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Anne Frank’s House

Another historical museum lined up in your places to visit is the Anne Frank House. Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who experienced war in her time. All her experiences are written to her diary. Visit to her museum brings you back to the old times of the Jewish people and it will make you understand more of how they had during their times. This is another place that is great for the whole family to experience.

facade of Anne Frank House – image via

Visiting in Holland is mainly via plane especially if you are coming from another country. At the airport, it will be easy for you to find the transportation suited to your main destination in Holland.

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