5 Things Set to Affect Your Vienna Exchange Rate

Do you plan to visit Vienna? Can’t wait to see the Hofburg Imperial Palace, or the Ringstrasse? Then, before you go, there’s the important matter of changing currencies. Because, unless you’re already in the Eurozone, you’ll have to change whatever currency you use at home to euros before you arrive. US dollars won’t take you too far in Wien (as the city is known by the locals!)

Given that, when’s the best time to buy your euros? What’s set to influence the euro exchange rate? In this post, I want to look at 5 things set to rock the euro in the coming weeks. If you plan to visit Vienna soon, these could help you determine when the euro is weakest (and therefore, when you’re more likely to get the highest common currency total!)


Theseus temple

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Google Analytics Conference at the Schönbrunn Grounds (and testing full-frame format)

 The leaves around Vienna turned red, brown and yellow and it’s my perfect excuse to be out and about and take photos of nature’s changing colors.  It’s also my first time to test the new camera, so I had double the excuse. ^_^

What perfect spot to take photos of than the Schönbrunn palace and grounds? Well, I had planned to visit anyway because I learned that Google will be conducting a conference, about analytics – what a blogger like me should learn about more. Sad to say, aside from not having a regular nanny to take care of the kids, I can’t really shell out a big amount of money, just like that. Tickets cost for early birds: € 290,- 1 day / € 580,- for both days. (List Price: € 390,- / € 680,-) !!!

So yeah, I went but perennially late me came up to the lobby only to get some information about the day’s event and what could be tomorrow’s. So lame!

google analytics conference

conference hall

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Time Lapse, Vienna’s Horizon

We’ve been spending less hours of sleep lately, thanks to this time lapse project that the hubby initiated. :/

We got a hold of the Canon 5D Mark II — much to his delight. I’ve barely learned how to tinker with the 7D so I’m not so thrilled at beginning to learn a new one. I haven’t tried it that much, perhaps a shot or two but the full-frame format looks promising.

Untitled_HDR2 horizon vienna

night sky

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Vienna’s Spanish Riding School

Why are horses so attractive? I don’t really know. Like moth to a flame, my kids are drawn to these mighty, spirited creatures whenever they got the chance to be near them, which is; rarely. Time spent at the Praterstern’s horse-drawn carousel over the weekend prompted a visit to Vienna’s Spanische Hofreitschule (Spanish Riding School). It was not to actually ride a horse but to watch their regality and performance in classical dressage.


mighty but gentle

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Wednesday Windows #16 – Yellow Ochre

Congratulations to “Musings on Meanderings” for winning last week’s pool. Join us today for a chance to win 5$ too!

I’ve featured the Schönbrunn Palace countless times and I won’t tire…hope you don’t too. For the nine years that I have been in the city, there’s no year that I would visit and it’s always a pleasure no matter the season. Last month, a friend got married and I had the privilege to take the photos for the ceremony, we then went to the palace grounds to do more shots.

schönbrunn palace window

Being renovated.

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Wednesday Windows #10

First off, congratulations Imriz for winning last week’s pool (…of two, lol). Join us today and win 5$ (sent to your paypal account). Today’s post features the interior partly of the entrance hall of the Schönbrunn Palace, one of the most important cultural tourist attractions in Vienna that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Schönbrunn (beautiful well) Palace used to be the summer residence of the emperors, empresses and… Read More »Wednesday Windows #10

We’ll be having a Staycation

Every year before summer vacation starts we plan a trip to either a city near Vienna or endure more hours of flight to a farther country. It takes careful thinking and budget consideration when one chooses international travel for a vacation. For a family of five with kids under 10, insurance for each of us is a must. This is why staycations is also a good choice, we’re insured here even if we… Read More »We’ll be having a Staycation

Wednesday Windows #5

— While on our way to watch Batman Live at Vienna’s Stadthalle, I saw these two kids by a window. I’m assuming they’re inside their apartment playing – the boy hiding behind the curtains. To join us, simply post a photo of a door or window and let us know where it was taken. Link up to this blog. —