Ice-melting Attractions in Iceland

It’s gotten warm around. If you are in the same predicament as I (prefers the spring and autumn coolness), vacationing in the uplands would be a good choice. Iceland is definitely one of the more popular family go-to places. Planning an Iceland family vacation is best done by researching and getting as much information as it would with any city. Some things to consider are: the weather, the season you are… Read More »Ice-melting Attractions in Iceland
Top Tourist Attractions in Vienna

Top Tourist Attractions in Vienna

If Europe is a preferable travel destination for you, then fail not to visit Vienna. It’s quite a historic and wonderful hotspot. It is once again named the Most Livable City, that a feature here is a totally deserved one. The top tourist attractions in Vienna may not be all enumerated in this post since there are  a lot of spots worth visiting,. Art Galleries and Museum Both artists and art… Read More »Top Tourist Attractions in Vienna
Boulders Beach – A Quaint Haven in Cape Town

Boulders Beach – A Quaint Haven in Cape Town

People’s perception of Africa has tremendously changed over the years mainly because it has gained prominence as a worthwhile vacation destination. Quite a number of beaches in the country beckon beach bums and wanderlusts seeking to have a good time.

Cape Town, the second most populated city in Africa next to Johannesburg, is home to many breathtaking beaches. In fact, it’s famous for its harbour; thus, it is widely known as Africa’s most popular tourist destination.


One of the well-known beaches in Cape Town is Boulders Beach (or Boulders Bay). It lies just around the corner from Simon’s Town. Charming and quaint are two words that may be used to describe this sheltered cove of white sand beach. Massive granite boulders are aplenty on this beach, hence, the name Boulders Beach.

While most of the beaches in Cape Town have icy waters (these being part of the Atlantic Ocean), the waters of Boulders Beach are a tad warmer (the beach being on the Indian Ocean side of the peninsula). The beach is ideal for snorkeling and sheltered swimming. If you’re the type of person who likes to have a good time but want a more laid-back atmosphere, Boulders Beach is the place to go to.

The charming appeal of the beach must emanate from Simon’s Town itself, which is a former navy seaport. What lure people to this place may perhaps be the giant boulders found along the beach that provide seclusion and utmost protection from the wind.

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Spend a Blissful Day at Whitehaven Beach

Why do you plan a getaway every so often? Are you like most people who do so in order to get away from the frenzied city life? Let’s face it; the hustle and bustle of everyday life is enough to put a damper on your sanity. This is even truer if you live in a big city like New York. The fast-paced life coupled with unpleasant news reports would surely make you want to make a run for it on your next vacation leave.

To escape from the cudgels of city living, albeit for a short period only, most people go to faraway places that offer peace and tranquility. One such safe haven is Whitehaven Beach found along Whitsunday Island. Incidentally, Whitsunday Island is the largest among the seventy-four islands that make up the Whitsunday Group of Islands located off the coast of Central Queensland in Australia.

Whitsunday Island Whitehaven Beach

Visualize this: crystal clear azure waters, pristine silica sand, and a tropical rainforest. The vision paints a picture of paradise, right? That is bliss personified. That’s Whitehaven beach for you. Ninety-eight percent of the sand on this beach is pure silica sand, which according to Wikipedia, can be “used primarily in the production of glass for windows, drinking glasses, beverage bottles, and many other uses.” It’s not surprising, then, that silica sand was used in the production of the Hubble telescope.

Whitehaven Beach stretches over seven kilometers along Whitsunday Island. It is touted as the most photographed beach in the whole of Australia, and for good reason, too. It’s the very representation of nature at its striking best.

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7 Amazing Spots to Visit in Greece

7 Amazing Spots to Visit in Greece

Greece is considered to be the birth place of the European civilization. This country is known for its culture and heritage. Many would say that compared today, Greece is a lot different from how it used to be. Though modernized, you can still explore the charming ruins and walk around history in all is glory. Greece has always been on the top of my bucketlist of countries to visit. That… Read More »7 Amazing Spots to Visit in Greece
Shop and Drop at Cape Town’s Beaches and Markets

Shop and Drop at Cape Town’s Beaches and Markets

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Cape Town tops the list of beach cities with its pristine seashores and it’s really no wonder why. Comprised of 3 regions, each boasts of beaches that could rival the most picturesque around the world. With a mediterranean climate of mild, moderately wet winters and dry, warm summers, there’s always a good reason to find yourself enjoying there.

Cape Town has also long been known for its fantastic range of markets carrying a vast array of different wares, but in recent years its popularity has well and truly exploded, giving rise to a renaissance of its market scene.

If you’re planning on making your way to the Mother City, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t get yourself down to a market or two. With craft beers flowing and artisan foods cooking, there’s plenty to keep you going while you trawl through the designer goods.


Here’s how best to spend your weekend – shopping!


On your very first day in the lovely place that is Cape Town, you’ll want to head over to Muizenberg, a community in the south of the city, where you’ll find the Blue Bird Garage Food & Goods Market.

A late market, it doesn’t open until 4 in the afternoon, so you have the morning to explore your new surroundings, and it keeps trading until 10pm. Located in an old hangar that used to be used as the base for the southern hemisphere’s very first airmail service, the Blue Bird is a fun place to spend some time.

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Spiaggia di Tuerredda – A Bucket-List Worthy Destination

The beach is, perhaps, the most sought-after travel destination by vacationers, beach bums (obviously!), and families seeking to enjoy wholesome fun and relaxation that’s fit for people of all ages. In fact, tourism in many countries thrives because of the influx of tourists to various beach destinations. In Asia, there’s Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand, Amanpulo and Boracay in the Philippines. There’s Cape Town in Africa, and California and Florida in the United States.

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All these places have one thing in common – beautiful, breathtaking, and captivating beaches. Hence, it’s not surprising that tourists flock to these places all year round. Of course, Greece, Australia, and Italy boast of beautiful beaches, if not the most picturesque too.

spiaggia di tuerredda

A particular municipality in the province of Cagliari in the Italian region of Sardinia called Teulada is home to Spiaggia di Tuerredda (Teurredda Beach).

Spiaggia di Tuerredda lies on a beautiful bay between Cape Malfatano and Cape Spartivento. If it were your first time to see the beach, you would think you’re looking at a captivating Caribbean landscape because of its clear and fine sand, as well as the clear waters of the sea that’s almost transparent. It’s little wonder, then, that it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

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ipanema beach rio brazil

Ipanema Beach, the World’s Sexiest Beach

Brazilians refer to Rio de Janeiro as “Cidade Maravilhosa” or The Wonderful City and rightly so. The place is always filled to the brim with rhythm, color, sound, and joy. All these make this Brazilian city a hub for merrymaking. It’s noteworthy that very few places in the world can match the hospitality and natural charm in which Rio de Janeiro is perpetually swathed.
The city is squeezed into a narrow zone right smack cliffs rife with rainforests and the sea. Think of Rio de Janeiro as an artery that pulses with life amidst its setting, which many have aptly dubbed as ‘the world’s most beautiful city setting’.

One of the most striking features of the city is its plentiful beaches. Rio’s beaches seem to have been handcrafted by nature. Lush landscapes, waves that beckon surfers, attractive sand dunes, rows of coconut trees along the sandy coast, long stretches of multi-colored sands, colorful corals, and serene beaches – all these make up the outstanding and breathtaking design of Rio de Janeiro’s coastline. Little wonder, then, that the city is renowned worldwide for its urban beaches.

Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Copacabana is one of Rio’s beaches that has made quite a name for itself. In fact, Barry Manilow has a song with the same title that tells the story of a showgirl at the Copacabana hotel named Lola. Incidentally, there really is a Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio. This beach was where every tourist trooped to not so long ago.

However, over the last few years, Ipanema Beach emerged as one of the most sought-after Brazilian beaches. Actually, the real hip ‘cariocas’ (people who live in Rio) have been hanging out in Ipanema Beach since the 1960s, but it was only in recent years when it became a popular tourist destination.

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The Amazing Red Beach of Santorini

One of the most famous and desired holiday destinations in Europe is Santorini, Greece. This island is supernaturally beautiful, with an amazing landscape and wonderful colored beaches. It has become one of the most popular honeymoon spots for newly married couples who want to bask in the glow of love amidst breathtaking sunrise and sunsets.

Aside from that, Santorini boasts of beautiful beaches, cozy villages, world-class restaurants, and luxurious hotels. In the villages, you’ll see dazzling white buildings, narrow streets, snow-clad mountains, gorgeous landscapes, and museums – attractions that would surely make your stay at Santorini very memorable.


One unique vacation destination in Santorini is the Red Beach. It is located near the ancient site of Akrotiri. The first thing you will notice when you set foot on Red Beach is the startling display of large red and black rock slabs that surround the beachfront. The beach is aptly named because of this and because of the red sand, which are actually volcanic ruins. These deliver a striking contrast to the cobalt blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

This dazzling display attracts thousands of beachgoers and adventure-seekers year in and year out. In fact, some tourists visit the Red Beach simply because of the photographic scenery that can be summed up in one word – amazing.

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shell beach

The Unique Wonder That Is Shell Beach

Australia is an awesome country that offers many choices to people who are looking for wonderful activities to enjoy while on vacation. The country has many beautiful tourist destinations that have been certified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There are also plenty of beaches offering people of all ages that much-needed seaside escape.

If you would much rather immerse yourself in the culture of Australia, you can join tour groups that visit the countryside for a unique R&R experience. Winery tours at some of the most famous wineries are offered, too. Indeed, Australia is a place that can satisfy wanderlusts all year round.

One example of a UNESCO World Heritage Site is Shark Bay, which encompasses over 1,500 kilometers of Western Australia’s coastline. The place features many natural attractions like the Zuydorp Cliffs and the Wooramel Seagrass Bank.

shell beach western australia

Shark Bay is popular among tourists who want to experience the marine and coastal wonders that the place has to offer. Of course, aside from swimming, tourists can enjoy other activities such as boating, diving, and snorkeling. There are even caravan parks and decent accommodations found along the coast for people who want to stay within the area for a relaxing holiday.

One of the places that tourists never fail to visit while at Shark Bay is Shell Beach, which covers a 110 kilometer-long stretch of coast along the L’Haridon Bight. Wikipedia says that Shell Beach in Western Australia is “one of only two beaches in the world made entirely from shells.”

Obviously, the beach got its name from the shells that litter the place. Just imagine, over six kilometers of shell-covered beach that reaches a depth of seven to 10 meters deep! Wikipedia further states that the abundant shells found on Shell Beach are of “the cockle species Fragum erugatum.” Now you’re probably wondering why shells cover the beach rather than the typical sand.

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