7 Amazing Spots to Visit in Greece

7 Amazing Spots to Visit in Greece

Greece is considered to be the birth place of the European civilization. This country is known for its culture and heritage. Many would say that compared today, Greece is a lot different from how it used to be. Though modernized, you can still explore the charming ruins and walk around history in all is glory.

Greece has always been on the top of my bucketlist of countries to visit. That was why I was so ecstatic when I at least was able to go for a short time.

If you want to visit the amazing spots in Greece, here are some of our suggestions. We hope these will help you select the best places where to spend your vacation at.

 Dionysiou Monastery in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is probably one of the more unpopular spots in Greece, but it’s not a place one should ignore when visiting Greece. There’s a Byzantinian-style monastery built upon the mountainside hanging above the sea that you can’t miss when you go on a cruise by. There are also a lot of beaches where you can rent one of Halkidiki villas that are just a few steps away from the shore. We really enjoyed Hanioti’s simple everyday lifestyle and the white sand beaches, walking barefoot doesn’t feel tiresome at all.

Dionysiou Monastery, Mount Athos

The Acropolis in Athens donkey. 😀


Island of Hydra
No cars allowed, travel by bike, donkey or foot

The National Archaeological Museum

Visiting this museum in Athens, make one really appreciate fully Greece’s culture. This Museum displayed the mysterious kouroi, archaic statues of gods, and other historical artifacts of ancient Greece. They also have a good  many collection of Egyptian artifacts for you to explore. I was in historical bliss while moving about trying not to stumble onto any of the valuable pieces.

National Archaeological Museum
Antikythera Ephebe


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Knossos in Crete

A very tempting spot in Greece. This is where you can find the Minoan Palace. The Minoan palace was built during the rule of King Minos over Aegean. Because this structure is kind of disorienting, there is a chance that one can easily get lost his way. But nothing to worry about,  because there are available paid tour guides ready to rescue you.

Knossos in Crete
ruins in Knossos

The Temple of Poseidon

Set in a position which overlooks Aegean Sea, this tourist spot is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Greece. The ruins, at Cape Sounion, will make you feel like you are in that epic movies you usually see. 😀 Watching the  sun set  from this spot will make it even more attractive and romantic.

Temple of Poseidon
Temple of Poseidon, east view

Crete Island

Crete Island is known because of its beaches and natural wonders which most tourists love. It’s friendly atmosphere would make one come back again and again.  The Heraklion Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour was worth a day’s trip, going about museums and eating fresh seafood then topping the day of with shopping. Vai, the largest natural palm forest in Europe might be difficult to access but it’s also worth seeing how this once garbage-laden shores turn out after clean up.

Crete Island
Vai, Crete

Island of Santorini

When you are looking for fun and adventure, this lovely island is a must! It’s paradise here and now. Santorini is considered to be one of the greatest tourist spots not only within the country but also in the entire globe. True, it could get crowded and touristy but it also comes as a charming factor.

Known because of its fine restaurants, Atlantis legends,  wines, missing Minoans and magnificent sunset scenes, you will surely enjoy every second of your visit in Santorini. The sunsets, will make you fall in love all over again.

greece, santorini
The overly used Santorini shot, still took it anyway 🙂

Greece is, by far, one of our favourite countries. After all the history it has gone through, it was able to cope up with the changes of the world, yet it was also able to retain its rich culture and tradition. Plus points!


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