Gandia Beach – Far from the Maddening Crowd

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Spain is probably one of the most beautiful countries one can explore. It is a traveler’s haven, what with its awesome historical places, delightful scenic spots, and stunning beaches.

One area in Spain that is famous for its beaches is Gandia, also known as La Safor. This gorgeous area is located on the mid-eastern seaboard of Spain and just below Spain’s third largest city, Valencia. It’s on the cusp of northern Costa Blanca and southern Costa del Azahar, both long stretches of Mediterranean coastline. Hence, it’s not surprising that the delightful smaller towns, estates, and villages of Gandia extend inland and along a breathtaking coast of beaches that have earned their Blue Flags. (A Blue Flagged beach means that a beach or a marina has been certified by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for meeting its rigorous standards).


Nevertheless, despite the seemingly attractive promises that Gandia holds, it’s quite odd that it doesn’t get as much attention from international travelers unlike other places in Spain. Imagine 11 kilometers of wide, golden, unsullied beaches left untapped by many tourists.

Ironically, it is those savvy locals who spend time in Gandia. Apparently, they have made it their alternate destination to get away from “rowdy” tourists (who may have had one drink too many) and just enjoy a blissful day at sea.

Still, wanderlusts would have a field day exploring Gandia. There are several good hotels and restaurants in the area where one can relax, unwind, and sample the delectable fares of Spain. There are bars situated close to the beach. Of course, cultural attractions abound, too. There’s the Palacio Ducal that features Gothic and Renaissance architecture; the Torreón, which is what remains standing of a wall from the 17th century; and the La Collegiate Church, which was built during the 1300s as a mosque.

If you plan to go there, you would definitely want to go to Gandia Beach, which is about 4 kilometers from the town proper. As mentioned earlier, this beach has won the Blue Flag rating and features countless bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. What’s noticeable about the beach, aside from its immaculate sand, is the awesome lifeguard system that makes visitors feel safe. Warning flags litter the shore. There is a long, shallow incline where kids and adults can safely swim.

The beach is cleaned daily especially during summer, which is probably the reason why the beach and the shore are spotless and free of trash. Obviously, Gandia Beach is well maintained to live up to the high standards of travellers.

There is a port and an enclosed marina for yachts and private vessels at Gandia Beach’s southern end. Here, you’d also see a wide range of shops and banks that complete the area’s many different amenities. These establishments service the people who live in nearby apartment complexes, villas, and estates.

Therefore, if you want to get far away from the maddening crowd of holidaymakers, head on out to Gandia Beach and immerse yourself in the clean, beautiful surroundings. It’s the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of a tropical paradise.

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  1. Gandia, Spain looks like an amazing place and Gandia Beach looks like it would be a great place to kick back and have an “adult beverage” or two. I can’t believe how crystal-clear the water is and the pictures are great too!

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