5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu

Cebu has been known to be one of the most progressive city in the Philippines. But Cebu is also home of many natural treasures. Explore the many wonders of Cebu.

Malapascua Island

5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu, malapascua sunset cebu
5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu : Malapascua sunset

Enjoy the wonders of marine treasures, visit Malapascua Island. In Malapascua, you will find many world class diving sites. One of which are:

The Monad Shoal or the Shark Point and Shark Wall. This is the only place in the world where you can see  thresher sharks everyday. Gato Island. This island is a sanctuary for sea snakes and other marine lives. While there are so much more to discover about Malapascua Island, here are some other diving spots in Malaspascua: Lighthouse; Lapus Lapus; North Point; North Wall; Chocolate Island; Bugtong Bato; Quiliano; Deep Rock; Bantigi; Ka Osting and of course, The Wrecks.

Sumilon Island

5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu, sumilon cebu
5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu : Sumilon Aerial view


Sumilon Island was the first protected marine area in the Philippines. The island of Sumilon is known not only in the Philippines but also in the entire world because of its exceptional beauty and great diving sites. One of the most popular tourist attraction in Sumilon Island is sandbar in which changes its shape and and shifts its location depending on the season.

If you had enough diving, you can try hiking, trekking, beach picnic and fishing.

Bantayan Island

5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu, bantayan island
5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu : Peaceful Bantayan

Bantayan Island is known because of its white beaches and clear blue sea waters. One of the most treasured gems of Bantayan are its churches that was built during the times of Spanish Colony. There is even a church that is was built 405 years ago. The house of Anun Escario is also one of the main attractions because it is one of the oldest house in the island. It was built about one- and- a- half century ago. The old Spanish Kota or fort that is located in Sta. Fe is also one of the most visited spot in Bantayan.

Camotes Island

5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu
5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu : Camotes


Camotes Island is known to be the “The Lost Horizon in the South”. Despite of many changes in our community, Camotes Island remained to be unspoiled. When you visit Camotes Island, you will experience life in a rural setting during the time of Spanish Colony. The name of the Island came from its major crops – camote (potatoes) when Spaniards saw the native residents digging and planting camote in the island. That is why the island was named Camotes Island (Potatoes Island).

Mactan Island

5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu, mactan cebu
5 Awesome Islands to Visit in Cebu : Mactan


Mactan is a center of trade in Cebu. It is very progressive and is also rich in natural resources. Many tourists loved coming back in Mactan for many reasons. One of which are the beaches that lines among the best beaches in the world. Divers will also love to explore the beauty and wonder of marine life.

If you prefer art rather than adventure, then you can visit Mactan’s Art Galleries. You will see many different artworks that will surely satisfy your hunger for arts.

In Mactan, you will see the many traces of Spanish Colony including its cultures and tradition. Magellan’s marker was built in the year 1866 in the battleground where Magellan and Lapu- lapu fought to remember the heroism of ancient Filipinos in protecting their homeland.

What’s in store if you visit the majestic Island of Cebu

If you have the luxury of time to visit these amazing island, I can say that your getaway vacation will surely be a memorable one. Aside from close encounter with nature, a feeling of serenity and solitude will surely be felt.  If you are planning to visit the Queen City of the South of the Philippines and experience a once in a lifetime adventure, contact your local travel booking agent now and book the soonest time possible.


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