Must-visit in Maldives : 5 Most Awesome Spots

Must-visit Places  in Maldives
^Must-visit in Maldives : sunset Viceroy island

Experiencing a nice weather is one of the best things we should consider in taking a vacation. This is one of the advantages if you shall go to Maldives for a vacation. Maldives’ temperature ranges between 24 and 33 degrees which mean that it’s not too cold or too hot in the country. Having this kind of climate is the best in visiting resorts and being involved in other outdoor water activities.

Ari Atoll

One of the best recommendations while in vacation in Maldives is the visit to Ari Atoll. This is considered to be the largest in the archipelago considering its size of 30 x 89 kilometers. Due to administrative purposes, the Atoll is divided into two sections; these are called the Southern Ari Atoll and the Northern Ari Atoll.

5 Must-visit Places in Maldives, Ari Atoll
5 Must-visit Places in Maldives : Ari Atoll

Water Villas at Baros, Maldives

Monsoon is the common type of weather at the place and the temperature is normally at 28 degrees Celsius. For travelers it is good to note that winter comes along between November and February. Since calm and friendly weather is typical in the place water activities can be done anytime. Snorkeling and water diving is very safe to do. Seeing underwater animals is very relaxing so it will be your choice if you want to snorkel or have a good dive at the deeper part of the sea.

Having water activities in Maldives will never be possible without checking into a resort or hotel during the stay. To do this, scouting for nice resorts and hotels are important. Should you want to have a lagoon overlooking villas you can count in the Baros, Maldives on your list.  This place is very accessible because it is located in the North Male Atoll which is 16 kilometers away from the airport. Reaching the place will not be longer that 25 minutes after the plane landed.

5 Must-visit Places in Maldives, baros maldives
5 Must-visit Places in Maldives : Baros

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino


Is playing the casino also part of your vacation get-a-way? Then you should consider staying at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay. It is only 15 kilometers away from the airport; Berjaya is situated in the islands of Seychelles.  This is where luxury and style never goes out of date and the place will always entice you to come back and visit again.

5 Must-visit Places in Maldives, Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino Seychelles
5 Must-visit Places in Maldives : Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Seychelles

Viceroy, Maldives

If staying in a private island is an experience you do not want to miss on your stay in Maldives, you should not let Viceroy Maldives go out of your list. The place is located in the private island of Vagaru, and it’s a perfect place for adventurers.  Just a note, the island only started accommodating vacationists in April 2012. It’s still very new to this date so if you want to count yourself on the first few who visited the island you got no minute to lose.

5 Must-visit Places in Maldives: Viceroy maldives
5 Must-visit Places in Maldives : Viceroy island

Getting away on a vacation would mean spending extra money which was taken away from the budget. Sometimes, it is hard earned and saved money for a very long time. Therefore, vacations should only be done on worthwhile places and with beloved people in your lives.   This is where you will never get wrong in having a vacation in Maldives.  Hurry now and join those few who have experienced great time and relaxation in Maldives.

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