Wednesday Whites 86: Abandoned

— — We are all treading the vanishing road of a song in the air, the vanishing road of the spring flowers and the winter snows, the vanishing roads of the winds and the streams, the vanishing road of beloved faces. ( Richard Le Gallienne)   — No matter your age, I’m certain that you have wondered how far the road ahead would you still travel. You would often look… Read More »Wednesday Whites 86: Abandoned

Wednesday Windows #14 – Sale

Congratulations once again Imriz! You won 5$ from last week’s pool! 🙂 Join us today to win 5$ too!

I’m a self-proclaimed bargain-magnet…if there’s such a thing. I seldom go out to shop and when I do I chance upon items on sale and at a time that they’re really needed. What’s more exciting is I get them from 50% to 70% off…such  rip off! We’re talking shoes, tops, pants, skirts, shoes and shoes….oh I just love shoes! Come June there’d be more of inventory sales and I hope I got the money to spend then. ^_^

window sale

Time to Shop! – Vienna

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Wednesday Windows #3

Gasthaus’ Window, Vienna Quite  busy image here…This is across the street and all the things from the other side and from the side lane is reflected while a lamp from the inside can also be seen. This is a window of a Gasthaus that we pass by on our way home. You can’t really see the subject in this photo because everything is thrown in to give you the whole… Read More »Wednesday Windows #3

Loving/Missing Snow

We’ve got very little snow this season and we’re hoping for more. It was a usual school day, took the kids to school, went about my daily routines and picked them up again…I had to shoot and did very few but I’m glad I still did because I’m not so sure if we’re still  having snow this season. *sigh* 🙁 — for:

What Type of Photo Frame Are You?

Photo frames are obviously for framing photos, but they are also an extension of you! If you are an outgoing extrovert-type of person, chances are that you have brightly colored digital picture frames for your pictures – red, blue, silver or with designs on the frames. An ‘artsy’ type person will have unusual frames that complement each photo. An organized person will try to have the same type of frame… Read More »What Type of Photo Frame Are You?

Wednesday Windows #2

Mr. Linky has chose our winner from last week’s Wednesday Window giveaway. Please click here to see our winner. Congratulations! and Thank you everyone for joining in. Here’s our second post. Vienna’s 7th District — I am pretty sure I’ve shared this photo here before. I just can’t help posting this again as I’ve always seen this spot nostalgic in a way. This was taken at Vienna’s 7th district…would you… Read More »Wednesday Windows #2

Souvenirs from Vienna #2 – Mozart Figurines

Vienna is defined by music and the musicians that made music flourish throughout the centuries. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, genius pur – composer and musician would be called to mind when one says Vienna. Thus, a number of souvenirs in remembrance of Mozart can be bought around. In fact, because of his popularity, there’s a souvenir shop in Vienna called Mostly Mozart. So above are figurines of the world renowned composer… Read More »Souvenirs from Vienna #2 – Mozart Figurines


Having a different way of writing is never easy especially at the airports, since most of the travelers going transit or visiting that particular country use Latin/Roman alphabet. On one of our connecting flights we stopped-over at Taiwan and there were not one but many phrases or notes that we saw that made us giggle. Of course, I can’t even identify nor differentiate this from the very few Chinese characters… Read More »Engrish