What Type of Photo Frame Are You?

Photo frames are obviously for framing photos, but they are also an extension of you! If you are an outgoing extrovert-type of person, chances are that you have brightly colored digital picture frames for your pictures – red, blue, silver or with designs on the frames.

An ‘artsy’ type person will have unusual frames that complement each photo. An organized person will try to have the same type of frame for all photos. The work-aholic business person tends to gravitate to black frames. Really laid-back person? Doesn’t matter – this personality type will have antique wood, plastic, metal, modern wood, what ever! And, they will all somehow hang together in harmony.

No matter what type of personality you are, at some point in time you will have a ‘special’ photo, print or project that simply has to have the ‘perfect’ photo frame. The search is on. There are literally thousands of ready-made photo frames out there, but you cannot find one that is right for your special photo. Guess you’ll just have to settle for second best. WRONG!

There is still an option or two out there. Have your photo professionally framed. You would get to choose the frame material and color, mat, no mat, oddly shaped mat, whatever you desire. I guarantee you will be pleased with the outcome. But, there is another way to get the perfect photo frame, much less expensive than using a professional. Find a frame shop that allows you to make your own frame; most cities have them. You will have the same exact options as you would having it done professionally. The shop personnel will train you: how to measure your photo to get a good frame fit, how to put the frame together, how to clean the glass, how to apply the paper on the back, and what type of hanging mechanism to have. The shop cuts and miters your frame material and mat.

Now you have your prize photo in the perfect photo frame, and you have the self satisfaction of having made the frame yourself. Congratulations!

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