Famous and Historical London Casinos

The city of London offers many casinos for tourists to visit while in the city. Not surprisingly, some of these casinos have historical roots given the age of the city. However, one can also find newer casino venues that have become rather famous given what they can offer. Knowing what casinos are available prior to your departure can help you best manage your time while visiting London.

Warwick Street, Mayfair

The Palm Beach Casino is located in central London in the Mayfair neighbourhood which is home to other casinos. Like most casinos in London, membership must be obtained if you plan on making a bet over £1,500. Otherwise, visitors can easily enter the casino without being charged. The specific dress code of any casino in London is key as it varies considerably. Despite the setting and décor of the Palm Beach Casino, visitors can be admitted with casual dress so long as it is neat looking. While the Palm Beach is not a large casino, one will notice that the gaming tables are spread out which makes it much easier to navigate through the establishment.


Casino games found here include popular favourites that many play at online casinos including roulette, poker, blackjack and slots. Rooms can be found surrounding the main casino floor which are for those who wish to have more of a private game. The roulette tables found in the Palm Beach Casino number ten. They also have some tables with rather low minimum bets which will appeal to casual gamblers. Blackjack is found at three tables in the casino. Within the high roller area expect to find extremely high buy-in amounts for this game. The variation of poker that is most people here is Texas Hold ‘Em. However, casual poker players be warned, often there many only be one table open and it could have a rather high table minimum.

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