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Uncategorized / Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I’ve been collecting a number of souvenirs whenever I got the chance to go somewhere. Some of those souvenirs have been featured here already. Then while cleaning up our bookshelf today I saw some pamphlets and rack cards of Paris, Singapore and Prague. They were in an envelop of our plane/train tickets bought when we went to those places. I’m collecting those too so that when I get the chance to sit down I would compile them into a real album, perhaps scrapped too not digital this time…

Seeing those prints also made me think of a unique wedding invitation style or save the date prints. A friend will be getting married in May and we are getting ideas here and there to help them plan every little detail. I think this would be such a neat idea. I’ve seen a number of print websites that does special services and rack card printing would surely be one of them.

I studied the folding of the rack card I got a hold of earlier and I think that it is possible for all the necessary details to be contained in. Of course, with such kind of invitation, an envelope is unnecessary but using one is more appropriate. What do you think? If my friend would prefer another layout for their invitation, perhaps the classic layout, that would be good too.

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