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Learning the Basics of a Language Before Going on a Vacation

Learning the Basics of a Language Before Going on a Vacation


If you plan on traveling to a foreign country, it’s best to know how to speak the locals’ native tongue. Learning the basics of a language before going on a vacation is essential not only to help you immerse in the country’s culture, but also to help you get past sticky situations in a place where English may not be the first language.

Case in point: you’re in Italy and would want to seek help for directions going to Venice’s St.Mark’s Basilica. Or while on a holiday in Peru, you suddenly needed to buy medicine for your migraine. You approach a resident and ask, but he doesn’t understand you because he hardly speaks English. Do you end up doing myriad hand gestures until he comprehends what you are saying or give up asking entirely?

venice bridge small, Learning the Basics of a Language Before Going on a Vacation

(With serpentine roads and an abundance of bridges that goes to who knows where, it is best to arm yourself with a map and basic Italian when walking around Venice.)

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Which to Choose? Austria or France for Skiing

Which to Choose? Austria or France for Skiing

Both Austria and France have a long history as excellent ski destinations. Since the 1970’s France has been the most popular destination for ski holidays due to its vast ski resorts with numerous facilities. However, Austria is growing in popularity due to its low costs and fantastic apres ski. This guide helps you pick the best ski destination to suit your individual needs.

Why Choose Austria?

One of the main reasons people are choosing a ski holiday in Austria is the price. The costs of a ski holiday can quickly add up, with equipment rental, ski passes, food, alcohol, flights and travel insurance. Austrian ski holidays are significantly cheaper than those in France, allowing you to enjoy your holiday without having to think about your bank balance.Read More »Which to Choose? Austria or France for Skiing

Escape the Cold Winter With a Cruise

Escape the Cold Winter With a Cruise

There’s a fairly good reason that Summer Nights from Grease has always been such a huge hit. Other than its catchy melody, the song reminds us of what we crave for the most- long and lazy summer days and nights. Sadly though, the world has to turn, and the seasons must change. Although we can’t really do any tweaking with this, we can somehow extend that luxurious pleasure and escape those cold winter nights. Yes, especially for one born in an archipelago of more than 7000 islands…the sea calling is so hard to resist.

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Top 10 Most Luxurious Holiday Ideas

Most people would count a package deal to a Greek island or even a couple of weeks in Devon as their annual holiday, but there is a more extravagant side to travel if you have the funds to pay for it. If you have ever been curious about how the obscenely wealthy let their hair down, take a look at ten of the most luxurious trips available.

The exclusive resort

The island of Bedarra lies just off the coast of Queensland in Australia and is home to a series of ‘hidden’ villas. The perfect sands and jewel-like seas of the Great Barrier Reef are only a few steps away and you can enjoy the very best in hospitality and accommodation.

The grand hotel

Las Vegas is famed for its opulent accommodation and the Mansion Hotel at MGM Grand is no exception; the facade alone is that of a stately home and there is access to both butler services and media suites.Read More »Top 10 Most Luxurious Holiday Ideas

Travel Plans for a Two-day Big Apple Experience

The sophistication of Broadway, impressive buildings, iconic landmarks, and the bustling people of New York are just some of the attractions that lure people to the Big Apple. Tourists who would like to make the most out of their short visit need to plan and prioritize their tours. Here are some suggestions for a two-day New York Vacation.

The first order of business whenever one is travelling long distance is to make sure that all the travel documents like insurance, passports or ID, etc., are in order and travel arrangements have been booked and confirmed. It would also help if tourists can familiarize themselves with the transportation and routes in New York so they can easily find their way around the city. A Big Apple vacation can start by taking a flight to JFK International Airport, the main airport in the city, followed by an AirTrain ride from JFK to Beach Subway Station, then transfer to an A-Train to Manhattan where you can find great lodgings for your visit. Before starting your tour, drop by the main tourist office where one can get a New York pass that gives access to popular attractions in the city as well as discounts in some of their dining establishments.

big apple, new york

Busy, buzz-y!

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Scenery, Food, and Northern Culture: 5 Reasons You Should Make Maine Your Next Stop for Fun

Scenery, Food, and Northern Culture: 5 Reasons You Should Make Maine Your Next Stop for Fun

It’s almost the end of 2017, and I’m sure you’re looking forward to another year of memorable experiences. And you might also be planning about when and where to go for those free weeks to spend your allotted vacation. Of all the vacations you may have considered, Maine could have made it to your list. And it’s rightly so. From the fantastic sceneries to the plenty of activities that characterize… Read More »Scenery, Food, and Northern Culture: 5 Reasons You Should Make Maine Your Next Stop for Fun

Travel Plans for Truly Relaxing Vacations

People who would like to get away from routine tasks or very stressful jobs often go on a vacation to relax and recharge. Travelling is one of the best ways to enjoy a change of environment and escape from daily stressors even for just a short while. However, it can also be a source of stress when one fails to plan ahead and prepare for the trip. Here are some of the things you can do to plan a stress free vacation that can be enjoyed to the fullest.

1. Choose your season well. It is important for people to check weather conditions in their travel destinations before sailing off or flying out. This way they can anticipate the type of clothes or protection that they need to bring for their vacation. Equally important is to know the season that is best for scheduling a trip. Those who love the beach can book their vacation during the summer season where they can take advantage of the warm and sunny weather, while people who love chilly weathers, hot chocolates and the feel of powdery white snow are better off with a winter season vacation.

Blue and white like the flag of Greece. – Santorini

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By Everett Harper from San Francisco, USA - bu bu bali cooking, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Best Food Tours to do in Bali

One of the cornerstones of Balinese culture is the captivating experience of its cuisine; the sights, smells and tastes and their history all combine to encompass the essence of Bali.

With so much to experience, a lot can be said for enlisting some help – many people are now choosing to accent their Bali Holidays by participating in food tours, which allow guests to immerse themselves in the culture of Bali by travelling through its towns and cities, meeting locals, sampling the authentic cuisine and learning about the process of creation, from the farm or forest to the dinner plate.

If this sounds like a mode of travel that you could get used to, then why not check out these top picks – the best food tours in Bali to satisfy your inner gourmand.

bali food

Benoa/Bali, Indonesia (photo via

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Romantic Mexican Destinations for Couples


Are you thinking of going on a romantic getaway with your significant other? Mexico is a great option that offers many great destinations. The country is known for its amazing beaches and resorts, which make it perfect for those who love swimming, snorkeling, and other related activities.

To begin with, some of the most romantic hotels in Mexico can be found in Los Cabos. The natural beauty and serenity of the place also adds to the numerous reasons why this is a favorite among many couples.

The Las Ventanas al Paraiso is a paradise but make sure to have lots of money in your pocket if you plan to take your partner there. This is known as one of the most expensive sites in the country.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa is another recommended spot for couples. The services they provide is often talked about by past clients. You’ll be relaxed and rejuvenated if you visit this place. You could also spend your honeymoon at Pueblo Bonito Rose. They have fantastic room service and you have the option to stay in bed and ask for Mimosas and tropical fruits.

los cabos mexico

Los Cabos Westin Pool and Ocean image via

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Revisiting the Inimitable Island Nation of Palau


The water reflects the perfect blue skies,  the wind blows off fresh…another perfect day for a stroll. Perfect day, yes, but, I had a date then. Joan told me that she would just drop by her house to feed the pigs. I had to wait for about 30 minutes in a nearby store in Ngcherelong, a province in the northern part of Palau. I had a five-day holiday in this beautiful sunny island nation last year. I had to write down “sunny” because I wanted to pack my things away from Japan’s chilly winter! Palau is a small archipelago of approximately 300 islands lying in the Pacific Ocean situated east of the Philippines. The unique and fascinating reefs and islands are the primary places of interest in this island nation.

Joan has three pigs. Thanks to her part-time job as a tour guide. She was able to buy the pigs after organizing a lovely tour for a group of Korean visitors to the Rock Islands – the best of Palau’s natural wonders.

small pig

oink! photo by Steffen (

According to her, as we drove down to Palau’s business city of Koror, the aim of the Government is to promote tourism industry to support economic growth while maintaining the ecological balance of marine and land ecosystems. The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) mentioned that the local economy relies primarily on tourism, which attracts approximately 80,000 overseas visitors per year, generating more than US$1.5 million in taxes annually. With this figure, tourism becomes one of the primary sectors of employment in the country. Joan, among other locals, benefits from this industry.Read More »Revisiting the Inimitable Island Nation of Palau