Advantages Of Traveling By Car

Advantages Of Traveling By Car

^Advantages Of Traveling By Car: Flexibility

The pandemic has really changed the way we travel. Safety has been heightened and not just the usual procedures are implemented on airports, but health protocols, social distancing, are on double check.

And as worldwide travel becomes at ease, and mask-wearing isn’t as compulsory in many airlines and airports around the world, we can finally go relax and visit the cities we were supposed to before the lockdowns. If you are still unsure, traveling to nearer cities is a good option.

If you can drive, it is very much an advantage too. You can enjoy the breeze and the beautiful view going around the coasts. If you are contemplating on buying a car you can use on your travels, you can calculate the expenses using For example,  a Honda HR-V is a good choice, it is one of the best cars for long distance driving, and here is the breakdown for you:

For a Honda HR-V costing $22,000.00 using a 6.00-year (or 72-payment) loan at a 6.00000% APR, your monthly payment will be $232.02. With a down payment of $8,000.00 (making a downpayment has great benefits), trade-in of $0.00, amount owed on trade-in ($0.00), rebate ($0.00), sales taxes (1.00%), calculated along with if rebates were applied to the down payment or if sales taxes were added to the loan, the calculated loan amount is $14,000.00, which meant that you would pay $2,705.47 in interest over the life of the loan, bringing the total purchase cost to $24,925.47. This amount does not include other vehicle-related expenses including gasoline, maintenance & insurance. You can calculate fuel budget here.

Traveling by car has  advantages and disadvantages, and here are some of the benefits.

Travel At Your Own Pace

When you drive to your destination, you can go on your schedule and have complete control over the time of your trip. You can go at your own pace (following allowed speed) and then stop whenever needed and wherever you like.

You drop the timetables when you travel by car –  you do not worry about missing flights or buses, or getting stressed about delays. You can also easily change your route to avoid traffic jams.

You can, for example, go on a road trip, drive to San Francisco and enjoy the scenic views while on your car, stopping here and there on famous spots throughout the day. And retire to your accommodation at night.

Advantages Of Traveling By Car
Advantages Of Traveling By Car : Driving through San Francisco Bridge

Take the Route Less Traveled

To get to a destination faster, it is best to use highways. But you can choose to travel through routes within cities, taking photos of hills, parks, and even towns.

Privacy and Comfort

If you have a bigger car, traveling gives you comfort and privacy that you can’t have when traveling with strangers, which also has advantages of its own. Traveling in your own car means being at ease, as you bond with the people you love. You also don’t need to worry about getting your stuff taken away, which unfortunately happens on public transport at times. You can sleep and know that you will get to your destination without a missing luggage.

Advantages Of Traveling By Car
Advantages Of Traveling By Car : Seattle Road Trip

Have More Stuff

If you are not one who pack light, traveling by car is the best way to go. You can bring everything but the kitchen sink as you go, making sure there’s also enough space for everyone else.

This also saves you time, as you don’t need to queue up and wait for luggage as you would in the airport. And gets you less stressed when you are over the allowed baggage weight.

Can Bring Pets

If you have pets and no one to leave them with when you travel, having a car and bringing them along is the best solution. Pets may of course behave differently when you travel, but if you do it often, it is a great start to a travel adventure. You just need to prepare well for car travel with pets, ensuring their safety as you would with your kids.

Advantages Of Traveling By Car
Advantages Of Traveling By Car : City View

See More Scenery

Traveling by plane, you mostly see the sky, which is pretty too. Traveling by ship, you mostly see water, and beautiful mountain landscapes at times, but if you travel by car, you will be able to see more of the landscapes and stop to actually enjoy the majestic views God has created. As mentioned above, you can take the route less traveled, on your own pace, and document every moment as you would.

Less Expensive

With a car, you may worry about parking and fuel, but if you are traveling with friends, you can pitch in a little which is still less than the amount you would pay for a plane ticket. You can easily go from point A to point B without thinking about tickets and penalty for not having tickets when you ride public transportation.

Less Risk Of Contact

Traveling by car also gives you a certain safety net. In these times, social distancing is encouraged so avoiding crowds is indeed necessary. Having your own means of transportation mean not having to queue on lines, getting in crowded buses or trains, and typically a lesser chance of contracting viruses.

We really would like to go back to our normal way of traveling, but for now, by car is the safest way to go. Stay safe!

Advantages Of Traveling By Car
Advantages Of Traveling By Car : Los Angeles Drive

drive south, or even when you explore the beautiful coasts of Italy,

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