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The Complete Guide to the Top Manufacturers of Kayaks in the US

If you live in the US you are in perhaps the best country in the world for kayaking, but why? With the Great Lakes and vast coastline throughout this nation you can kayak in the environment which suits you. But you must choose the right manufacturers of kayaks in the US by looking at customer service, reputation for quality, and innovation.

Ocean Kayak

Ocean Kayak came into being when the original founder of the company carved out two places in his surfboard in Malibu, California. This idea soon caught on and people began asking where they could get one. By the middle of the 1980s the operation had moved to Ferndale, Washington and the mass production of kayaks began.

This expansion led to the company creating the rotomolding technique. Rotomolded polyethylene made a practically indestructible kayak at prices the majority could afford. Its first breakthrough model, the Scupper Classic, soon began a tirade where its range expanded to offer quality kayaks to customers looking to ride in style wherever they want.

Now, the organization bases itself in Old Town, ME. It also has an office in Auckland, New Zealand, so avid kayakers around the world can explore the ocean waves using kayaks at the forefront of the industry. For its innovation alone, Ocean Kayak is a quality kayak manufacturer in the USA.

Top Manufacturers of Kayaks

Cobra Kayaks

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