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North America / Monday, August 20th, 2012

There are many Islands in the US, both named and unnamed. It probably won’t be enough for a simple citizen like me to go hopping on each of them within this lifetime. One, it will cost a lot and yes, one needs all the time in their hands to visit each one of them. Lucky would be Charles A Veley and Bill Altaffer and some others who have traveled most of the world. I bet they have been to almost if not all the islands in the US.

US islands have become popular tourist destinations and most visited would be Hawaii, parts of California,  Texas, Florida, Washington, even San Francisco Bay and South Carolina.

san francisco bay islands US
Birds on a boulder in San Francisco Bay.

Hilton Head is particularly one becoming more popular with all its attractive activities for kids and a vast array of must-see wildlife. There are a number of sites where you can look through, plan and book a vacation at the island. For one is the website, an easy to navigate website that offers packaged tours, home rentals and more for your stay at Hilton Head.

There are a number of reasons why it’s worth visiting this part of South Carolina, wildlife alone  tops it all.  Here, alligators, deer, Loggerhead Sea Turtles, manatee, hundreds of species of birds, and dolphins can be encountered in their natural habitat. It’s quite an experience too to fish-feed by the saltmarshes. Kayaking, parasailing and jetskiing are some of the adventures you can engage into while there. Shopping and dining need not be questioned, they’re covered too – there are over 35 shopping plazas for you to scout and over 200 restaurants to try. These restaurants of course offers a variety of cuisine and assorted flavors. To boost tourism, a number of attractions such dolphin discovery cruises, lighthouse tours, the Sandbox Interactive Children’s Museum, miniature golf have been established. Wannabe singers can go loud at sing-a-longs beneath the giant oak at Shelter Cove.

School may be starting soon, but hey, next year would also be fine for a Hilton Head visit with the family.

us islands
Magic Sands, Hawaii



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