October 2011

Souvenir from Seegrotte

  This beer mug is another souvenir given by Kuya Obey. He brought it from his trip to Seegrotte, an underground facility in Hinterbrühl. It was used for the production of Heinkel He 162 jet fighters during World War II. If it’s worth mentioning, it was used as a set for the 1993 film version of the Three Musketeers.  

All Aboard America!

On a spontaneous decision, hubby went to the US for a 3-week vacation. I get updates whenever he’s online on Skype or when he tags me on photos he uploads on Facebook. He’s been around California – in LA and San Francisco to Victoria, BC in Canada and to Nevada, particularly Las Vegas and Boulder City. Some of the photos he uploaded were the famous hotels and casinos Bellagio, MGM… Read More »All Aboard America!

Souvenir from Paris #1

  I have very seldom featured our Paris trip, which happened some years ago. I think it because I have very photos….rather good photos to share. This is one of the few souvenirs I got from Paris. The Moulin Rouge is easily recognizable at the base.  Inside the dome is the Notre Dame and another famous structure. Could you guess which one is it?  

Where to Go? #2 – Faro, Portugal

We’re having 8° around this region now. Suddenly, thoughts of the beach, of white sand and blue waters turned to just white landscape…snow. I’m still not ready for winter. As if fanning the flame that I am feeling, I’ve been seeing flights to Faro advertisements on blogs I visit… Fueled with curiosity, I ended up finding the photo above. Pristine! Faro is a lovely district in southern Portugal, coincident with Algarve.… Read More »Where to Go? #2 – Faro, Portugal

Souvenir from Bratislava – Traditional Mug

I got this ceramic mug from Kuya Obey, my highschool senior who came to Vienna last winter for a scholarship. He’s already based in Japan and he was sent by Osaka University here. During his stay, he also visited parts of Europe, Amsterdam and other parts of Netherlands, Pompei/Naples in Italy, other cities in Austria and Bratislava.  Bratislava and Vienna are two of the closest European national capitals to each… Read More »Souvenir from Bratislava – Traditional Mug

Winter Plans

(my kids enjoying snow) Without any warning, our wonderful 15°-20° of autumn turned 8°! Brrr…I haven’t sported my ankle boots yet and the weather has gone low…boo!  Well, I can use my knee-highs instead. Teehee! This sudden change made me look forward to what would be coming in the next months, winter = snow. Though my kids and my husband love snow, I don’t. Photographing the pristine white landscape with… Read More »Winter Plans

Souvenirs from Kiev – Babooshka Doll

  “Don’t forget the plutonium for your DeLorean!” were my last words to hubby as he went out of the house with his luggage…He was due to Kiev, 1.5-hour flight from Vienna. We have been joking the whole week about him getting, rather, stealing stuff as Dr.Emett Brown did in Back to the Future. We figured Ukraine is somewhat near Russia and he could easily smuggle something back home. Teehee!… Read More »Souvenirs from Kiev – Babooshka Doll

BC Bloggers Secret

Joining in on the bandwagon, I’m listing this blog for BC Bloggers Secret. What’s BC Bloggers? It’s a build-linking program that my friends have been talking about. Most of them have joined in the past and they attest to the benefits it has brought their blogs. Linky love, reader, new blogging friends and of course new blogs to discover. Application is open until the 15th so you have until then… Read More »BC Bloggers Secret

Car Story #1

  (Getting lost in Nürnberg, August 2011) If my hobby is to take photos of every corner, windows and potted flowers, parked bicycles and musicians in the streets- my hubby takes photos of cars, all different models and colors. I think it is but natural since back home he has a car that he would often tend to, making sure everything is going well. I can’t remember the particular model… Read More »Car Story #1