Winter Plans

(my kids enjoying snow)

Without any warning, our wonderful 15°-20° of autumn turned 8°! Brrr…I haven’t sported my ankle boots yet and the weather has gone low…boo!  Well, I can use my knee-highs instead. Teehee! This sudden change made me look forward to what would be coming in the next months, winter = snow. Though my kids and my husband love snow, I don’t. Photographing the pristine white landscape with a blue sky background, yes but playing in it, building snowmen or making snow angels is not my thing…I’m just there for the look.


I know, I sound boring but hey, who would take photos of the hubby if I join in on the fun. Hahaha that’s my perennial excuse. (Left photo: hubby practicing with his board.)

It has never been customary for us to have a winter getaway. There’s a two weeks off-school and off-the-office vacation around December and January but because the cold weather makes you feel like hibernating as bears would, we do the same. We would only be out for 2 hours at most playing snow and we would be home to warm ourselves playing Wii.

But ski holidays in France sounds so tempting! Why with all the mountain-laden snow and the charm of a cozy Villa, who wouldn’t want to? I raise my hand! Hahaha. Yet, for my husband and kids I will have to say yes if a plan pushes through.

Most of the ski resorts offer free stuff for this booking season. I saw one offering free 6 Day Portes du Soleil Lift Pass for children under 12 years and free ski insurance for children. By my standards, those are a big discount since hubby would always tell me how expensive lift passes could be whenever they go up the mountains in Austria.

I may not be for the adventure of skiing and snowboarding but I can definitely find something to do there, perhaps a thermal bath or I could go gawk at the displays at every boutique in a shopping street (buying optional) or eat to my tummy’s delight in a restaurant that serves foie gras!

(photo taken by hubby at Unterberg)


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