Souvenir from Bratislava – Traditional Mug

I got this ceramic mug from Kuya Obey, my highschool senior who came to Vienna last winter for a scholarship. He’s already based in Japan and he was sent by Osaka University here. During his stay, he also visited parts of Europe, Amsterdam and other parts of Netherlands, Pompei/Naples in Italy, other cities in Austria and Bratislava.  Bratislava and Vienna are two of the closest European national capitals to each other, at less than 60 kilometres (37 mi) apart…from here, it can be reached within an hour via train.

He brought me back a number of souvenirs during those trips, one would be this mug designed with dancing locals dressed in folk costumes called kroj/kroje.  Fine pleats and gathered lace collars and bell-shaped skirts with delicate oriental pattern define these costumes…It looks similar to an Austrian Dirndl only shorter…

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