Souvenirs from Kiev – Babooshka Doll


Don’t forget the plutonium for your DeLorean!” were my last words to hubby as he went out of the house with his luggage…He was due to Kiev, 1.5-hour flight from Vienna. We have been joking the whole week about him getting, rather, stealing stuff as Dr.Emett Brown did in Back to the Future. We figured Ukraine is somewhat near Russia and he could easily smuggle something back home. Teehee! We must have been watching too  much Chuck!

Above photo is the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, a functioning one actually located on the right bank of the Dnieper River…I will look at hubby’s archives for a photo of that river.

I can’t remember how long he stayed there but I know he truly missed the little boy. That’s why even if I asked him to get me a snow globe, he took home a set of Ukraine airline memorabilia toys instead. He also came back with a set of Babooshka dolls. I recall my daughter during her younger years who used to play with mom-in-law’s collection whenever we visit her. Dawty would take out each doll from the bigger doll and line them up like dominoes. She would stack them again inside afterwards, run to me and would show me the “whole” figure again just like how the little boy does it now. He’s quite fascinated with them.

There’s also Faberge eggs and beer mugs among many other things but hey, there’s no plutonium not even empty gas cartridges for display nor co2 cartridges for his bike! None, nothing to use for building  a time machine! Anyway, the kid did enjoy all the other stuff he brought back. That’s what really matters…

 (When we visited Prague I told hubby I’d buy some Babooshka dolls again but he responded negatively. lol. I settled with a snow globe and some refrigerator magnet instead.)

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