We’ll be having a Staycation

Every year before summer vacation starts we plan a trip to either a city near Vienna or endure more hours of flight to a farther country. It takes careful thinking and budget consideration when one chooses international travel for a vacation. For a family of five with kids under 10, insurance for each of us is a must. This is why staycations is also a good choice, we’re insured here even if we stay in a hotel to enjoy their pool along with bed and breakfast.

Vienna offers a lot of fun things for the kids to do. Once in a while I bring the kids to a painting class. In the summers, that could be 2 days in a week. On other days that follow we go visit one of the palaces and take photos and eat Apfelstrüdel, doughnuts at the nearest cafe for snacks.  The kids are also given discount/free passes for museums, sports clinic and other activities like horseback-riding, baking, tennis, mini-concerts and theater shows.

albertina vienna, staycation
View Albertina’s collection and have the kids participate in a painting session.

There are also many different cuisines in Vienna, different restaurants that serve local food that we’ve yet to try. We’ve been mostly to Japanese and Thai restaurants, we’d surely like to try Vietnamese that I’ve seen sprouting in the city too. Greek, albeit not the kids’ choice is also a must for me. Since it’s summer, we’d be hopping from one ice cream shop to the other, taste gelato here and there, discover the different flavors of bubble teas and find the yummiest frozen yoghurt. ^_^

It would be really nice to visit another city but staying in Vienna to know the city it more is also a wonderful choice. Unless hubby buys our ticket soon, we’ll be having a staycation.

Think hard about where to go on vacation or which palace to visit next.



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