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Las Vegas, nicknamed the Gambling Capital of the World, Sin City, the Entertainment Capital of the World, Capital of Second Chances, the Marriage Capital of the World is also a city that never sleeps – literally. It’s not a city for everyone though, certainly not for children despite the efforts of bringing in entertainment suited for them, the nickname Sin City is too strong to wipe all that.

Consider Las Vegas as the Disneyland for adults. It’s an artificial environment that spells fun and takes away the inhibition to be free to do something you think you wouldn’t while being there. For kids in Disneyland, that’s to become a child. For adults in Las Vegas, well, I won’t spell that out. Anyway if you’re still one who thinks ill of Las Vegas, here are some of the things you could do there.

Venetian, Las Vegas
Venetian, Las Vegas

Ride a Gondola at the Venetian. Indoor or outdoor, you will have a feel of Venice albeit cleaner at this top hotel/resort.   Enjoy the ride with a loved one in an authentic Venetian gondola down the Grand Canal — though smaller than the original, experience going about beneath bridges, beside cafes, under balconies and through the vibrant Venetian streetscape.  Your singing gondolier (who also wears the same striped shirts of gondoliers in Venice) will serenade you along.

gondola ride
Las Vegas’ Venetian is cleaner of course.


Buffet Las Vegas
Go Buffeting 🙂

 Buffets. Fancy eating sushi, pasta, pizza, barbecue, burgers, steaks, cakes and ice cream or panna cotta and macarons? How about all of them? The Las Vegas strip has them all day long. Pick from a plethora of choices and you won’t be disappointed whichever you get. If you’re a shrimphead consider having Shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate’s San Francisco Shrimp Bar & Deli @ 1 Fremont Street for only $1.99! Still at the same price at it was in 1959. Be wary though, Sin city makes it literal because you can turn out to be a glutton while here. ^_^

If you are one who play free bingo online and online fruit/slot machines then you’d certainly enjoy the real ones. A lot of casinos in Las Vegas offer a wide range of slots and VP machines numbering in hundreds. Of course, you play not just for fun but with the hope to win too. Just always remember that this is a game of chance…no one particular person can win a million overnight. ^_^

Art Enthusiast? Visit the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. At 15$, you can view world-class exhibitions of art and objects drawn from internationally known museums and private collections. Yes 15$, you can view more at a bigger gallery but it’s the Bellagio honey, so stay longer and watch the choreographed water feature of your favorite song. So here’s one, the water fountain dancing to “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman..

There are a lot more fun things to do in Las Vegas like visiting the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at Mirage, the Aquarium at Silverton (which is free) and has fish feeding hours too. There are circuses to watch, flamingos and exotic birds to see and of course shopping…whoever goes to Las Vegas without shopping? Grab a souvenir too to bring home to your mom when you’re there!

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