Wednesday Window #18 – Wiener Rathaus

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Side Windows

One of the must-see buildings in Vienna  is the Rathaus. No, it’s not a house full of rats, but if you think of politicians as such, then it could be. ^_^ Rathaus is a German word literally translated as “council house”, meaning “city hall” or “town hall” thus, the Wiener Rathaus serves as the seat of the mayor (currently, it’s Michael Häupl) and the city council.

rathaus vienna

The building is of Gothic style designed by  Friedrich von Schmidt. There’s a big garden and lawn in front of this magnificent building which serves as a public market during December, an ice skating rink in January until March (Wiener Eistraum), a concert area for enthusiasts and a lot more. The photo below was taken during the Music Festival. There’s an orchestra playing classic Strauss, Mozart and Beethoven when we arrived.

screen at rathaus
Screen during the Music Festival

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