Experience Iligan – The City of Majestic Waterfalls

By Hans Olav Lien - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11756173

Experience Iligan – The City of Majestic Waterfalls is an official entry to the Iligan Blogging Contest 2012

If you are looking for fun and adventure, why don’t you visit Iligan City. Iligan is known of its majestic waterfalls and enticing tourists destinations. Iligan is the home of 23 waterfalls that is why it is called the “City of Majestic Waterfalls”.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Iligan

The most popular waterfall in Iligan is the Maria Cristina Falls. Located at Brgy. Buru-un, southwest part of Iligan. Getting to Maria Christina Falls is easy, you can get a taxi or a jeepney to get there. Being one of the most majestic waterfalls in the Philippines, Maria Christina falls stands at 320 feet high and it also provides electricity in some areas of Mindanao.

Maria Cristina Falls

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You will enjoy best the beauty of Maria Christina Falls during Sunday between eleven in the morning until twelve midnight.

Another majestic waterfall that you should not miss is the Limunsudan falls which is located around 50 kilometers away from the city, in Brgy. Rogongon.

If you are a nature lover and you enjoy trekking a lot then visiting Iligan will surely satisfy you. Limunsudan falls is very popular to trekkers because of its awesome landscapes. Limunsudan falls is a two- tiered waterfall and is considered to be the tallest waterfall in Iligan. Limunsudan Falls stands with the height of 870 feet. There are also may waterfalls in Rogongon that will surely satisfy your hunger for adventure and quench your thirst for fun. These waterfalls are far more difficult to access because they are hiding in thevery depths of the mountains. These waterfalls are Kamadahan falls, Guimbalolan falls, Pindarangahan falls, Kibalang Falls, Gata Falls and Rogongon falls.

Limunsudan Falls


One of the most treasured falls in Iligan is the Tinago Falls. Tinago means hidden in Filipino. It is called Tinago falls because it is hidden in mountains. Though hidden, Tinago falls is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iligan. You can find Tinago Falls at Brgy. Ditucalan and you could ride a jeepney to get there. You will start your trek when you reach the drop off and hike down around 300 steps.
When you have decided to visit Tinago falls, make sure to bring with you your digital camera and swim wear because when you reach the lagoon area, you will sure to take a plunge of that cold water.

Tinago Falls

Photo Credit – Shy Wise

Tinago falls is a fan- type waterfall and it stands as high as 240 feet. You also have to experience riding in a raft that will tour you underneath and around the cascading waters.

Iligan is not just known because of waterfalls. If you are not fond of adventure and trekking and you prefer romantic scenes rather than nature trip then you could visit the Buhanginan Hill. This hill measures around 130 feet tall above sea level. At Buhanginan Hill, you can see Iligan City’s skyline without any obstruction. You could bring your special someone in this hil and watch the sunrises and sunsets together or you could gaze the starts at night. Isn’t it a wonderful and romantic scene, perfect for men out there who are planning to propose to their love ones.

The Buhanginan Hill is also known to runners who wants a challenging workout. Every morning, you will find many health enthusiast running up towards the hill and down.

Iligan City is also rich in culture. Iligan City celebrates its ‘Diyandi Festival‘ on the month of September. The word ‘Diyandi‘ refers to the celebration of the Iligan’s patron saint ‘Saint Michael The Archangel’, the word ‘Diyandi‘ simply means ‘to celebrate’. While the festival is fast approaching, many tourists come in to the City of Iligan to witness how they celebrate the ‘Diyandi Festival‘.

Diyandi Festival


You will enjoy watching the dance contest and the thrilling ‘Trisikad‘ racing contest. At night you can walk around the streets and enjoy different delicacies that will surely satisfy every ones tastes.

Settlers in Iligan comprises of different tribes: Maranao, Lumads, Higa- onons, and Christians. For so many long years, these tribes were playing, singing and dancing together. No wonder Iligan is home to many artists, dancers and singers.

If you want to witness the wonder of Iligan culture, you just have to go to Iligan Anahaw Amphitheater. The Anahaw Amphitheater is the largest amphitheater in Mindanao. The Anahaw Amphitheater is home for various events in Iligan. It can hold of up to 5,000 people in a single event.

Iligan Anahaw Amphitheater

made of anahaw


Anahaw Amphitheater is also called the “Jewel of Iligan”, it was designed just like an emerald cut and its color is green.

If you are a businessman, you may want to consider to invest in Iligan City. Iligan is a prosperous City and for sure your business will grow when you put it up here in Iligan.

There are so many things you can do in Iligan, name it and Iligan has it. If you are want fun and adventure, Iligan has many of it. When you opt for food trip, then enjoy the tasty delicacies they offer. Whoever you are, wherever you came from, you are welcome in Iligan.


  1. perfect! you gave me an idea what to do in Iligan since I plan to revisit my friend this august..

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      You are most welcome Kareen

  2. I’ve been in the Tinago Falls way back then and I want to revisit it again.Soon.=)

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      Been there once and it was really a fun experience 😀

  3. I’m proud to be ILIGANON! come and visit Iligan.

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      Thanks Julius

  4. Thanks for showcasing our beautiful iligan…Proud to be iliganon!!!

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      Our pleasure sir

  5. I was able to go to Iligan for a plant visit before and unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago falls because we were in Cagayan for the weekend. After seeing your photos, It makes me wish I could go back to those time and visit this wonderful falls. Well, I can always do it in the future.

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      Its not too late to visit the place Franc

  6. Never been to Iligan, this virtual tour makes me wanna jot down the places doe future use. 🙂

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      You must visit this place, this is one of the best places to visit in Mindanao

  7. Those waterfalls sure look majestic ! I wish I’ll get the opportunity to visit them with my family (and witness the Diyandi Festival, too).

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      Indeed they are majestic Fe 😉 Have you been here?

  8. Wow iligan! I have not been to this place.. ang Ganda ng Mga falls! Haven’t seen one for a long long time. Hope to explore iligan too soon! 😉

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      Have it on your list for this year Violy 🙂

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  10. It’s only now that I learned there are 3 waterfalls in Iligan. I haven’t been to Iligan yet but I hope to spend a vacation there with my family and visit these enchanting waterfalls.

    1. Virtual Tour Guide says:

      There are a lot I guess but they are just waiting to be discovered 🙂

  11. Denzio says:

    I’ve been in Iligan and it’s really a paradise…

  12. I miss Timoga and the series of pools that they have! twas part of my childhood days.. hahahhah xD

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  15. Maria Cristina Falls is definitely the one I prefer. I will get a chance to visit it one day!

  16. Mona Verdida says:

    Yey! Iligan City! I’m not from there, but as a Filipino, I’m very proud of Iligan as one of the most beautiful tourist spots 🙂

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