Where to go? #1 Terra Verde – Kissimee

Orlando, Florida. Just these two words make you think of a fun family vacation, water adventure with the kids and of course, Disneyworld. It has been 4 years since we last visited Disneyland and it was a (little bit) cold September in Paris. Two days weren’t enough to enjoy the rides, take autographs of Mickey and the Gang or explore the castles, ships, mine areas, scientific laboratories and space exploration ports – all for play of course. If the kids could choose, they would have loved to spend the other two days there, but hubby and I of course wanted for them to appreciate the whole of Paris too.

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(At Disneyland Resort Paris)

This is why hubby’s trip to the US is so full of planning. Package vacation deals have been the trend these past years. It means that if ever the hubby decides to go in December, we can tag along and get a package for Disneyworld along with plane fare, hotel accommodation and meals.

One Orlando vacation package offered by ticket agent include those but instead of a hotel accommodation is renting a home vacation in Terra Verde Resort Orlando, a quiet neighborhood 10 minutes away from Disneyworld.

Some of the key features the Resort has to offer are:

» olympic size heated swimming pool
» exercise and fitness room
» sun deck
» a convenience store
» a hot tub spa
» children’s playground
» game room arcade
» business center – internet shop

I have a bias when it comes to home-like accommodation and Terra Verde sounds like the ideal Family getaway. This is definitely one that the kids would look forward to.

(from http://www.panoramio.com)

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