Winter’s almost here….take out your boots!


I love wearing boots, it makes me feel so stylish. I love it in spring and autumn though, not in winter…I wear rugged boots then just as my kids when they go to school on snowy mornings. Winter boots have to be all warm and sturdy, water-resistant and with teeth  soles that would make walking on snow easier and less slippery. Anyway, autumn will come before winter so I will be enjoying my wear-those-fab-boots days for 3 months or so.

I still got that much time to dig out all our rugged boots hidden at the back of the shoe cabinet…still need to check if the boys’ feet have grown. I specifically bought one for dawty that has an allowance since hers tend to be more expensive. If there’s one in the family who had the most boots, it’s her. She’s had them in different colors and designs, and I bought from Skechers, Geox, Timberland and other brands, I say Skechers make the finest while Geox, boasting of its fine shoe craftmanship lag behind for sole quality. Timberlands are of course, fab and reliable too!


In photo, dawty last winter with her brown fur boots, the brand of which I forgot already. It’s sturdy alright but hours in the snow it gets wet. I’m sure to look for new ones that is really water-proof.

For hubby who is into snowboarding I’d definitely get one from Wesco Boots, he and his boss often go up the mountains…snow-covered. Wesco boots teeth-soles are the best for such terrains…

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