Home Away from Home

One of the difficult things to do in planning for a vacation is looking for the best place to stay. Good thing there’s the internet, we can scour at all lodging hotels at the destination of our choice.

When I plan to travel with hubby and the kids, I always take time to look for a place that’s comfortable, clean and secure. My family’s safety and security always come first so it is important that a certain hotel meets my standards.

Frequent readers of my blogs are probably aware that hubby’s going to leave for the US and Canada to do some work. I’ve been helping him out in looking for the best places to stay in the US where he will stay for some weeks. There are offers from friends and relatives, but he’ll book at some hotels or an apartment  in other states, a home away from home.

After searching for an hour for a place in Colorado, I think I just found exactly what they’re looking for. Aspen vacation rentals home by owner offer vacation rentals in Aspen, Colorado. They have five spacious bedrooms, four toilets, a game and media room.

I’ve also read positive reviews about Aspen — courteous owners and staff, great amenities, clean rooms and nature-friendly.

What seems to be a great treat is that the place has a spectacular view of Aspen mountain! And more, it is very close to nature and just a short walk going to town.

Considering its quality, location, and ambiance, the rental price is very reasonable.

I’ve never been there but I must say it’s a perfect vacation choice for families and friends.

When I showed Aspen Vacation’s website to hubby, he said he’s excited for his upcoming trip and wished we could join him. Awww… we’d love to join him too and savor nature’s bounty at Aspen. Perhaps, soon!

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