Best Reasons to Travel to Belize

Going to a visit to Belize is something for a traveler with a taste or should we say choosy. Because this place cannot be simply described as beautiful you have to find another word superior than beautiful to describe it.  Personally, I can’t find the right and exact word to describe this place.  All I know is I love to visit the place.

Here are few reasons I’d like to share to make you feel like going to Belize as soon as possible.

The Blue Hole

Few Reasons That You Should Visit Belize


Belize is not Crowded

The place isn’t much populated, if you will compare it to many other tourist spots in the world. I bet there are not more than 500,000 visitors that arrive in Belize in a year’s time. This means that everyone has a great chance for their visits to Belize to be approved and that is a great opportunity a traveler should take advantage of.

Chance to Visit Maya Ruins

If you have a heart for world history, visiting Belize means becoming more exposed with the Maya world by looking at their ruins just around the places. That means education while having fun.


Great Place for Diving and Snorkeling

Whether you are good or slightly good in snorkeling and diving, Belize always has a reserved mask for you. This is because Belize would love to make you experience how snorkeling and diving in the place is so much different compared to other places that offers water activity. Diving here is often regarded as world-class especially around the places of Stann Creek and Toledo not to mention seeing and experiencing the place in Ambergris Caye. Snorkeling is a much more fun activity however there are other places like Tobacco, English and Goff that will require a short boat ride to be able to reach the fun place to snorkel.  Isn’t really that bad, especially if you are the type who would love to take a short boat ride for a few minutes.

Paradise on its own

Belize is a Paradise Place

Since I’ve mentioned earlier that Belize is not over populated, you can imagine how much virgin forests they have in the place. Many parts of Belize remain unpopulated, uninhibited and never touched by developers at all. Having all these would mean paradise to many kinds of birds and animals such as critters and the likes. You will be surprised by how Belizeans are committed in protecting their environment. 

The Place for Adventurers

You will never go wrong if you will look for adventures in Belize. Would you like to explore the unexplored Maya mountains? Take your pick if you’d like soft kind of adventures or the other way around.  Having a visit in Belize would mean going for hiking, canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking and caving. You can think of your most adventurous activity in Belize and you will never think twice of coming back again. 

The Culture

If you will take a closer look at the culture of Belize, you will find that their culture is a mixture of many kinds. People in Belize are multiracial, multilingual and multicultural. Having a visit in Belize you will experience how they have mixed up everything and molded all of it into a great and Belizean culture.

Final Words

Taking a look in everything, we can say that visiting Belize is not only time to relax and unwind with your family, most of all, having a tour in this place is fun and educational in so many ways. Coming to Belize with an open eyes, open mind and positive perspective is perfect to make your stay worthwhile.

“El Castillo” at Xunantunich

3 thoughts on “Best Reasons to Travel to Belize

  1. I would love to go to Belize. We had not read much about Belize till earlier this year when we had some friends go on a mission trip to Belize. It looks and sounds like a interesting and beautiful place!

  2. Oh, my goodness. The blue hole is so breathtakingly wonderful and that’s an understatement still. so beautiful!

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