Top Tourist Destinations in the Bahamas

Just by hearing the word Bahamas, I start to imagine beaches and natural wonders that are great for travelers. This is simply because Bahamas is perfect for vacation and travel destinations. Having a vacation in Bahamas means sipping natural drinks produced from the place rich source of tropical fruits or diving to explore the beaches and abundant marine life. Here are some of the places you can go to Bahamas and to spend great time with your loved ones, family and friends.

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Beautiful Bahamas Beaches

Two of the most popular beaches in Bahamas are Cabbage beach and Paradise beach. Stretched as long as two miles is what is called the Cabbage beach.  One of the most remarkable things in this beach is that it has many coconut trees, sea grapes and casuarinas. On the other hand, Paradise beach is best because this beach is near hotels and it’s also near the Atlantis resort. Remember, Bahamas beaches are waiting for you and they have prepared great and fun water activity that are best for everyone.


The Andros Island

Get close to nature and beautiful marine life by snorkeling and diving in the Andros Islands.  This island is also regarded as one of those with large barrier reef where you can find Elkhorn corals because it’s one of those kinds of corals found in the 100 mile stretch of corals in the island. So, are you ready to have an adventure with the coral reefs and fishes that swims around the place?

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Blue Lagoon Island


The Blue Lagoon Island

If you have seen this place on television, then you are lucky, if not, you should prepare your next vacation to Blue Lagoon Island so that you can enjoy playing and swimming with dolphins, playing and riding with them.  (Please do not do this without supervision of professionals!) Do not worry, if you prefer to just watch these beautiful and friendly dolphins, there are docks waiting for you to stay while watching them.


Pirates of Nassau Museum

If you think that watching pirate movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of Nassau is a place where you can tour and get education about pirates. You will never go wrong by finding this museum at the heart of the downtown.  Get yourself involved with the interactive activities to learn the life of pirates, I assure you, you will learn more than you are expecting in this museum.


Crystal Cay

You can imagine a huge tank made into an aquarium and that would be the perfect description of Crystal Cay. Crystal Cay is laid out within the whole New Providence Island. There are two options for you to experience the majestic adventure in Crystal Cay. First is to go up to 100-foot observation towers or go below to watch sponges, fishes and other marine lives.


The Bahamas have been featured on television, been used as location for shootings on movie and TV shows, and have been vacation destination on many movie personalities locally and abroad so there is no doubt that the place is good. Developers never stopped improving everything in the Bahamas so you can expect that there are always something new when you visit and another new thing on your next visit.

I can suggest this is the best place to go on vacation if you want feel like a movie star or something. So what are you waiting for, plan now and bring all your family and friends to the Bahamas.

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