A Guide To Winter Cruise Destinations

A Guide To Winter Cruise Destinations

The winter weather in the United Kingdom is renowned for being cold, wet and dull during the evenings. In fact, it’s actually the perfect time to plan for a cruise holiday.

Instead of sitting at home wearing an extra jumper and sipping on a hot cup of tea, why not spend it lying in the sun on the deck of a cruise ship, crisp glass of wine in hand, or viewing some stunning scenery from the deck? It is not a hard decision!

It used to be that cruise holidays were thought of strictly as a summer event, with the winter holidays to be saved for ski trips or something of that nature. But, over the years, winter cruise holidays have grown in popularity, and lowered in price, as people are quite excited to escape a dreary winters day for a sunny seaside one.

Now when it comes to winter cruise destinations, there are a handful which are quite popular and find a steady stream of visitors year after year. Many of these spots are probably exactly what you might think would be popular destinations, but there also might be a few interesting surprises in there as well!

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Are you tough enough?

The Caribbean

Probably the most popular cruise holiday destination in the world, the Caribbean offers something for everyone. Beautiful turquoise blue and green water and sandy beaches with plenty of sunshine are the perfect combination for anyone looking for a holiday in the area.

One of the main benefits of going on a cruise holiday in this region is the interesting cultural differences amongst the islands. You will find different activities, food and music in Jamaica than you would in Puerto Rico, for example. So a cruise in this region, offers you the opportunity to see many different islands in one trip.

The Mexican Coast

Now although you might think that the Caribbean and the Mexican Coast are so close they must be quite similar, that is not very true at all. For every relaxing beachside stroll you might take in the Caribbean, you will find bands, margaritas and energetic vacationers in Mexico.

Cities like Cancun offer a bit more of a party atmosphere when it comes to the shore excursions that are offered. You will be able to dance the night away in many of the bars and restaurants that line the city centre if you choose, or you can still enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving for an afternoon to get away from it all.


Don’t forget that the Nile and Egypt offers an incredible winter cruise destination for those who are looking to escape from the UK, and are looking for a shorter flight. You will still find warm weather in the low to mid 20s throughout the winter months with plenty of sunshine during the day.

Not to mention, a cruise like this gives such a different feel than one that travels around the US, Mexico and Caribbean. For shore excursions, the Great Pyramids, ancient tombs and thousand year old monuments are quite difficult to beat.

Guide To Winter Cruise Destinations
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Well, just because you are looking to go on holiday during the winter doesn’t mean that everyone wants to head for the sun and sand. A quite popular cruise destination in the winter is the Arctic, particularly around Norway.

For stunning natural beauty, you simply can’t beat a cruise holiday in Scandinavia. Holidaymakers will have an excellent chance to witness the Northern Lights, a spectacular event that only occurs in higher latitudes. Additionally, you will be able to see Arctic animals and take a shore excursion such as hiking on a fjord, brilliant!

Enjoy Your Holiday

Once you have decided that you are ready to book your winter holiday cruise, please take a look at one of these popular destinations. Each offers a unique range of food, activities, excursions and scenery for those on holiday and you will be sure to find at least one option that will suit all of your needs.

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