Wall Tents: The Master of All Tents

Wall Tents: The Master of All Tents


The ridge tentsor wall tents are the best accommodations one can have in a camping. It has space arrangement for 5 to 8 people or sometimes even more. For quite a long time, this particular type of tent has been considered to be the best in terms of design and performance. The tent usually has a rectangular shaped floor. The walls of the tent have one upright pole on each of the walls. The tops of poles are joined together with the help of a horizontal ridge pole. This is how the basic wall structure is made. However, in cases of longer tent models, an additional upright pole is often placed at the center. It helps to provide a support system to the main ridgepole. This type of tent can be of different types. There can be single walled tents and also double or multi-walled tents. Multi walled ones have multiple wall layering.

Sometimes the tent structure has additional guy ropes that prevent the tent from heavy wind blow. The wall tents are best used by the military camps, hunters or the outfitters. The reason is this type of tent provides enough spacious arrangement for many people and also their equipment and baggage. Special facility like wood stoves is supplied with the tent for cooking and heating purpose. The canvas out of which the tent is made is usually water or fire treated. The wall stove is often attached with a stove jack. This stove jack along with a weather flap helps to endure high temperature, which is the result of using a stove.  The bottom of a ridge tent is made resistant with webbing. In addition, grommets are used rather than sewn-in stake loops.


This helps to pledge the tent both from inside and outside. A sod cloth is attached at the bottom of the tent. The cloth is stretched up to a certain extent beyond the floor of the tent. The function of this sod cloth is to make a weather tight shield for the tent. The best part about this is cloth is it is compatible to any kind of weather condition. And accordingly, the sod cloth can be adjusted to protect the tent canvas and also the indoor. The doors and windows of the tent are usually full covered with a mosquito net.

The wall tents are the perfect combination of comfort, durability and cost affordability. It fits almost criteria a person can look for in a tent. The cleaning and taking care of the tent is also quite easy and user friendly. However, the amazing part is yet to come. The tents come with a lifetime warranty against any material defect and workman flaws. This quality of the ridge tent makes it the best choice for the tent buyers. A ridge tent on a trip is something much more than a tent. The kind of features and facilities it provides, it is nothing but a home outside the home for the campers.  

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