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Escape the Cold Winter With a Cruise

Escape the Cold Winter With a Cruise

There’s a fairly good reason that Summer Nights from Grease has always been such a huge hit. Other than its catchy melody, the song reminds us of what we crave for the most- long and lazy summer days and nights. Sadly though, the world has to turn, and the seasons must change. Although we can’t really do any tweaking with this, we can somehow extend that luxurious pleasure and escape those cold winter nights. Yes, especially for one born in an archipelago of more than 7000 islands…the sea calling is so hard to resist.

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A Guide To Winter Cruise Destinations

The winter weather in the United Kingdom is renowned for being cold, wet and dull during the evenings. In fact, it’s actually the perfect time to plan for a cruise holiday.

Instead of sitting at home wearing an extra jumper and sipping on a hot cup of tea, why not spend it lying in the sun on the deck of a cruise ship, crisp glass of wine in hand, or viewing some stunning scenery from the deck? It is not a hard decision!

It used to be that cruise holidays were thought of strictly as a summer event, with the winter holidays to be saved for ski trips or something of that nature. But, over the years, winter cruise holidays have grown in popularity, and lowered in price, as people are quite excited to escape a dreary winters day for a sunny seaside one.

Now when it comes to winter cruise destinations, there are a handful which are quite popular and find a steady stream of visitors year after year. Many of these spots are probably exactly what you might think would be popular destinations, but there also might be a few interesting surprises in there as well!

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Are you tough enough?

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