March 2012

We’ll be having a Staycation

Every year before summer vacation starts we plan a trip to either a city near Vienna or endure more hours of flight to a farther country. It takes careful thinking and budget consideration when one chooses international travel for a vacation. For a family of five with kids under 10, insurance for each of us is a must. This is why staycations is also a good choice, we’re insured here even if we… Read More »We’ll be having a Staycation

Do and See more in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, nicknamed the Gambling Capital of the World, Sin City, the Entertainment Capital of the World, Capital of Second Chances, the Marriage Capital of the World is also a city that never sleeps – literally. It’s not a city for everyone though, certainly not for children despite the efforts of bringing in entertainment suited for them, the nickname Sin City is too strong to wipe all that. Consider Las… Read More »Do and See more in Las Vegas

Wednesday Window # 7 – Window to The World

I was not able to get in this shop but the text reads Fenster zur Welt or Window to the World. It is perhaps a store of things that represent the countries of the world. — To join us, simply post a photo of a door or window and let us know where it was taken. Link up to this blog.  

Historical Viking Cities throughout Europe

If the Vikings and their history is a subject of interest to you, you will be glad to hear that many places exist throughout Europe where you can enjoy some great Viking discoveries. Whilst the various countries of Scandinavia are those that are most generally associated with the Vikings, the Viking invasion had a huge impact on Britain and there are places here where Viking history can be seen and… Read More »Historical Viking Cities throughout Europe