November 2011

Souvenir from Nürnberg – Snow Globe

Of the cities I’ve been to, Nürnberg/Nuremberg remains one which I remember as orderly—in the sense that the streets though with people walking is not crowded. You don’t get the feeling that you’ll be robbed and the streets are clean enough. That inside the wall, which has been built between 12th and 16th centuries. The wall run for 5 kilometers (about 4 kilometers still standing) around the old town. Inside… Read More »Souvenir from Nürnberg – Snow Globe

City of Gardens

  British Columbia (BC), Canada is such a  big province I get confused with all the cities within. So let’s tackle one of two that I’m somehow familiar with – Vancouver and Victoria, focusing on the latter. Vancouver remains on the top list of the best city to live in this year toppling off Vienna, which holds the top spot last year (ranked 3rd this year following Melbourne). (source) Victoria is… Read More »City of Gardens

When Holiday Accident Happens

The biggest disappointment you can encounter while on vacation can come in many forms; you can get stranded somewhere, your luggage could get lost, your items could be stolen or damaged, your trip could be cut short, worst; you could fall ill or have an accident. This is why it is advisable to get a travel insurance especially those who are frequent travelers. While it is best to contact your… Read More »When Holiday Accident Happens

Pilot Edition – Hump Day 50$ Giveaway

Hump Day $50 Giveaway is a weekly event held every Wednesday. A group of 25-26 bloggers will host a 1-day giveaway where one participant will win $50 via Paypal Cash. I’m joining this pilot edition and hopefully I get to join every week (funds calling!!!). For this, participants are required to like blogs’ Facebook pages. Easy-peasy. For the section “Which blog referred you to join,” kindly key-in Vienna and Beyond.… Read More »Pilot Edition – Hump Day 50$ Giveaway

Luxurious versus Mysterious

These are the words that would distinguish two cities and two Villas in particular that we visited in two separate summers. Majorca villas being luxurious, summery and all very relaxing while Cyprus villas are mysterious and reserved you would want to go about and discover what is hidden in its simplicity. Both vacations are very memorable despite having a lot of differences regarding accommodation, location, weather, architecture and price ranges.… Read More »Luxurious versus Mysterious