Luxurious versus Mysterious

These are the words that would distinguish two cities and two Villas in particular that we visited in two separate summers. Majorca villas being luxurious, summery and all very relaxing while Cyprus villas are mysterious and reserved you would want to go about and discover what is hidden in its simplicity.

Both vacations are very memorable despite having a lot of differences regarding accommodation, location, weather, architecture and price ranges.

 The owners and caretakers of both Villas are very accommodating and friendly which made our vacations more enjoyable.

 When choosing accommodations, consider the location first and foremost. Is it near convenience stores, is a gasoline station easily reachable? Most accommodation websites would not list that so it’s better to ask the owners beforehand. That’s what we did and we’re glad that the owners were honest enough to say that there’s one located near the villa- but is a 10-minute walk away. Along the street leading to it are convenient stores so whenever we’re out to visit the scenery around Mallorca we would pass by this street and buy food – mostly fish, herbs and junk food. 😀 I get to cook for the family – in a different setting, a different kitchen with a different cuisine cooked from fresh ingredients inherent from the lovely Island.

 The Cyprus Villa we spent 4 days at reminded me so much of the garden in Ellie and Chuck’s apartment, I love it!

There were several rooms in the compound. During our stay we met two families, one coming from France and the other from London. The owners along with their 5-year-old have their house just by the entrance. They own a dog which the kids love playing with and it was truly fun for them.

So mysterious and silent was this Villa that I felt like Sherlock Holmes wanting to turn the cobble stones upside down to discover a hidden passage.

I guess the country-feel, the cobble stones, the bougainvillea added charm to this villa that I felt so at home in it during our stay.

There are different Villas that a family can rent when on vacation. Hotels are, still a top choice but Villas have a homey feel and you get to move around more. It’s like being at home away from home. There are budget villas, with pools shared by occupants. There are those that are more private, you get to use the pool exclusively. I think that and a barbecue/grilling equipment by the terrace add extra points. Just like what we had in Cyprus.

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