Best Places to Visit in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a very interesting country. Lots of tourists travel in this country to witness its wonders. If you happen to be in Morocco, check out these places that will surely make you come back for more:


The City of Marrakech is very huge and full of history. It is best to visit Marrakech in the month of July because this is when they celebrate the ‘Marrakech Popular Arts Festival’. Different artists from different parts of the the world gather together in here to showcase their skills. If you are fond of horses then you should not miss the Fantasia. You will witness hundreds of horsemen wearing their traditional clothing.

Morocco, blue gate of fez
Blue gate of Fez


Walled City of Fez

Fez is the oldest Imperial City of Morocco. It is considered to be the center of culture and religion of Morocco. For four hundred years, Fez was been the capital of Morocco. The most visited spot in Fes is the old Medina or the Fes el- Bali. Fes is a very strange city. Why? It is because even though we are in a very modern time, you will still feel like you are in middle ages. You will find many  museums in Fez including the famous Nejarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts, Dar Batha Museum and the Belghazi Museum.


Essaouira is known because of its beaches and very relaxing atmosphere that would definitely make those stress away. You will enjo walking around the ramparts and ports. If you like beaches then surely you should visit Essaouira especially if you are a surfer. Surfing in Essaouira beaches is very exciting and thrilling experience that you woud surely treasure for a lifetime.




Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city. It is also the center of trade and commerce.  It is also one of the largest commercial centers in the North Africa. The world’s largest sea port is also located in Casablanca. For sure, you will enjoy your stary in Casablanca.


Jebel Toubkal

If you are a hiking enthusiast, you might want to accept the challenge of Jebel Toubkal – the highest peak in the entire North Africa. Situated at High Atlas Mountains, it stands at the hieght  of 4, 167 meters or 13, 667 feet. Trekkers from all around the world visit Morocco for this peak.



If you are in Morocco, you should not miss to visit Merzouga and experience having Bedouin life for a while. While you are Merzouga, you can have camel treks into the desert. Merzouga is also the home of Morocco’s largest dunes – the Erg Chebbi sand dunes.


Dades Valley

Dades Valley is popular because of its magnificent scenery. The red cliffs in every side are libed with Kasbahs – the traditional Moroccan forts. It would be best to explore the beauty of Dades Valley by foot.


Morocco is a very beautiful country with lots of jewels to be proud of – culture, tradition, arts and trade. You will surely enjoy every moment you will spend in Morocco.


casablanca sunset
Casablanca at sunset

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  1. Morocco has been on my list of places to visit for a long time. Your article has inspired me to look into this a bit more. Such beautiful photos you’ve posted. Love them!

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