Wednesday Windows #13 – Venetian Charm

Wednesday Windows #13 – Venetian Charm

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I’ve said so many times how Venice is not only the City of Bridges or the City of Waters, it can also be called the City of Windows. Palladian style of architecture can be easily seen as among the buildings in Venice and mostly in Italy. It is a style inspired by Venetian architect Andrea Palladio’s own work; that which is recognised as Palladian architecture today is an evolution of Palladio’s original concepts. His work was strongly based on the symmetry, perspective and values of the formal classical temple architecture of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Venetian Charm
The Charm of Venetian Windows.

Notice that the 2 windows in the photo has the same arcs as the 2 doors, all with wooden coverings and both doors open up to the balcony thus they are symmetrical in every way. There are so many shots I took in Venice and hopefully I get to feature each of them in this meme…windows in every shape, every color and every size.

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