Want a Truly Asia Experience? Visit Malaysia Now

Historically, the rich  culture of Malaysia has few things that are similar to the Philippine culture. There are few claims that Malay and Philippines have the same roots before the colonial period of the Spaniards. Having this knowledge means to me that having a vacation in Malaysia is more attractive for me than going out in any other Western country. There are few tourists’ attractions in Malaysia that I find interesting to point out in this article.

When people say KL, the very first thing that comes to mind is Kuala Lumpur. Being the capital of Malaysia, KL offers many exciting tourist attraction that is not missed by anyone who lands in Malaysia. You can expect modernism in this place and this modernism is very Asian which means very unique which was resulted by the rich heritage of Malaysian history.

Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park

Some of the Interesting Places to Visit in Malaysia


If the kinds of activities you are looking for are river rafting, jungle trekking, river cruise or even bird watching, you can never go wrong in visiting Kelantan. The term Kelantan means ‘Land of Lightning’ in the English term.  The place is mostly agrarian which makes you escape from the noise and pollution and chaos usually experienced in the city. Spending your vacation in Kelantan would mean peaceful and close to nature vacation you ever wanted.



Traces of Portuguese and Chinese culture are evident in Malacca. This would be the very first thing you will observe upon setting your foot for the first time at the place. This is due to the colonial experience of Malaysia which was mainly concentrated at the place. Portuguese architectures  are evident  in the place even at the present, further  Chinese influence are still felt in the vicinity. In addition, there are still many Chinese businessmen who opted to stay and do business in Malacca. Can you imagine how lovely the place is for Chinese people to opt living in Malacca and not in their own place?

Malacca River Walk


Are you fond of Betel Nut? If you are, maybe it is also known to you that the word Penang literally means ‘Betel Nut’. Sea and golden beaches are abundant in Penang and this is why the place is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’.

Penang Bridge

Butterfly Park

One of the place I would like to give feature in spending a vacation in Malaysia is the Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur. Even if the place is an imitation of the butterfly natural habitat in the rainforest, the place is still perfect for many butterflies to live in.  If you are wondering how butterflies are kept here, do not worry because they are not in a cage. There is a big net high above that covers the whole park to prevent the butterflies from going away from the park (I bet this is done to prevent the butterfly from flying away and losing its way back home to the park). Don’t you worry about this because you will never see the big net close to you when you actually visit the place! According to record, there are about 120 species of butterflies and about 6000 of them flying everywhere in the park. I can’t wait to experience such fun being close to the butterflies. Of course, not only butterflies are there but different and thousands of plants and trees and ponds to make the place home to these butterflies.

image via http://www.starfishtravel.com.my/

Creating this place is a lovely idea which came into reality. Giving home to butterflies and a recreational park for many people to relax is truly noble. This kind of park is uniquely found at the heart of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur so you should never miss this one during your vacation in Malaysia.

If you want to have a wonderful experience with your travels, visiting Malaysia would certainly be on your list.

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  1. Lovely Malaysia! I’ve never been there, but my sister did. She had a marvelous experience there with her friends.

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