The 5 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

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Dubai is a very beautiful city with so many different exciting places and so many things to do. It is very sunny during the day and very lively at night. This is a perfect advantage because it gives you more hours to spend in one day.

First of all, you will need a tour guide as soon as you land in Dubai. Tour guide will make sure to help you with your negotiation around the entire city. I t is very important to hire a tour guide who will be useful to you. Most of the tour guides are very experienced and they treat their customers with respect.

Here are some interesting places and things to do when you’re in Dubai

Helicopter Ride on Dubai Sky

For fellow folks who are going to Dubai for a short time this will be the perfect way to see the whole city in shortest time possible. It is an opportunity to view all the fantastic land marks of Dubai.  There are travel agencies will be glad to arrange this trip for you. They will join you and show you all beautiful places in the city.


Jumeirah Beach and Wild Wadi Theme Park

This beach has the most beautiful hotel called 7 star hotels. It is only 40 minutes drive away from the city center. They only charge few fee for the entrance. Along the beach you can visit Wild Wadi Water Park. This park is one of the best water parks in the world. It has a lot to see and offer to its visitors. While there you can go for water rides, both adventurous and relaxed types. There are two tickets that you are required to purchase when you want to enjoy your visit at the park. One is for hours and the other one for the whole day. I do recommend that you buy the one for the day so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Dubai Desert Safari

This is a must do activity in Dubai. There is so much to talk about Dubai desert safari. It will take half a day, but worth spending that time even during a short holiday in Dubai.


Hatta Trek for Adventure Lovers

It is only 7 hours tour. It is a rough road tour through the white sands and green field. The tour will take you to Wasis in Hatta, open waters and deep tranches. A Wadi is a dry and rocky riverbed, which follows the course of seasonal streams and rivers through rocky valleys natural carved out by floodwaters. It is a perfect place to swim, so do not forget your swimming costume and a towel. When you are there you can visit the 16th century fort and agricultural farms.


Dinner at Dubai Floating Restaurant

After your adventurous day, you can have a wonderful dinner at the restaurant. They serve various delicious local foods. This is the perfect place to wend your day.


If you are a thrill-seeker who want to travel and loves and adrenaline rush, Dubai is one good place to visit. Aside from being a tourist-friendly place, it also showcase the things an adventurous traveler wants.

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  1. The partial aerial view of Dubai is so beautiful! I’ve never seen isles like that before 😀 Thanks for posting!

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