Best Food Tours to do in Bali

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One of the cornerstones of Balinese culture is the captivating experience of its cuisine; the sights, smells and tastes and their history all combine to encompass the essence of Bali.

With so much to experience, a lot can be said for enlisting some help – many people are now choosing to accent their Bali Holidays by participating in food tours, which allow guests to immerse themselves in the culture of Bali by travelling through its towns and cities, meeting locals, sampling the authentic cuisine and learning about the process of creation, from the farm or forest to the dinner plate.

If this sounds like a mode of travel that you could get used to, then why not check out these top picks – the best food tours in Bali to satisfy your inner gourmand.

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Food Matters Bali Tour

With an emphasis on experiencing Balinese culture through food, the “Food Matters” food tour is an invaluable resource
for those who love unique, tropical cuisine and seek a connection with local people, culture and history.

Groups are kept small and each tour is carefully designed by host and founder, Mary Taylor, whose passion for travel, people and fresh food shines through on each of these exciting and educational tours.

The Food Matters tour will get you up close and personal with the locals who welcome guests into their towns, homes and dining rooms to share their food and a close insight into their traditional way of life.

The next tour runs from 28th Sept to 12th October 2013 and takes guests through Ubud, Munduk and Kuta, and includes accommodation, transport, classes, meals, exciting group activites and more. You can also schedule private food tours with Mary year-round with a minimum of 4 people.


Exotissimo Bali Culture and Cuisine Tour

This is the perfect tour for those wanting to cover as much of the island of Bali as possible, leaving no dish untasted. This tour makes the most of local best-kept secrets, with local cooks, craftsmen and spiritualists treating guests to a unique insider’s view of the true Bali, its culture, its heritage and its people.

As well as food, there’s an emphasis on the traditional performing arts of the Balinese people and an authentic look at village life in modern day Bali. There are workshops, temple visits, school visits, art-spaces and cooking classes. This is a great all-rounder tour for those who wish to keep off the tourist track and see what really makes Bali unique.

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Grass Tree Kitchen Bali Food Tour

This tour is perfect for those wishing to enjoy a taste of luxury to compliment the cuisine which remains at the forefront of focus. The Grass Tree Kitchen tour is based at the Anyar Estate, where guests stay in luxurious villas overlooking the beautiful rice fields of Banjar Anyar, in Kerobokan, just north of Seminyak.

This tour sees guests visit a local rice farm to learn about the process of bringing rice from the paddies to the plate, visit a sweet stall to learn how elders make traditional Thai treats, and visit and navigate food markets to choose ingredients for use at the cooking school where guests will learn to create their own Balinese feasts.

These are only our top three picks from a multitude of amazing food tours available in Bali. Food tours are a highly recommended means of creating an authentic and intimate experience of Bali, and allow guests to experience far more of Bali than a standard sightseeing tour would make possible. If you truly love to learn about food, where it comes from, how it is made, and the people who hold the secrets to traditional flavours, then a food tour is certainly for you. 

Best Food Tours to do in Bali
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