Souvenirs from Vienna #1 – Violin Refrigerator Magnet

I did mention we love music, right? Not really the classics or symphonies and Opera but I won’t say no to those either. Living in the music capital of the world, cultured as an artistic city – I have to adapt…especially for the kids. I am not born with a golden spoon in my mouth but I love to read, I love history and would want to experience the grandeur that this city offers. Whatever I read in the books are deeply seated somewhere in my memory and when called for I can relate to the kids the important things needed to be known about a place, a person, a monument or an event. It’s also to practice and prepare myself in case I pursue a course to become a tour guide.  (=

I enrolled my daughter in a piano class, she’s enjoying it so far. I plan to enroll son1 to guitar lessons if he says yes…he had always turned down my proposals. lol. For this reason, my daughter is familiar with Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and most of their compositions. While buying postcards to be sent (she’s into Postcrossing), she asked to buy this Violin refrigerator magnet. I did as I usually buy her a souvenir when we’re visiting museums. She was delighted.

When we came home, dawty immediately took it out of the paper it was wrapped into and attached it to the microwave oven, our refrigerator can’t….

I noticed just then that there are two lines – one by the letter O and another by the letter R. They might have fallen and broken but were pieced again together. Tsk tsk, I was disappointed, so next time I’d look carefully and not trust that everything sold are in good condition…haaays!

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