Lightning versus Metal Roofing Langley


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Is there a checklist of potential damage to look for in a building that has experienced a lightning strike?


After an exhaustive search we found some information related to the damage a building might sustain from a lightning strike, but were unable to come up with a checklist. However, it is safe to say that any building struck by lightning will sustain some level of damage. How much and what type of damage may or may not be apparent.

There can be damage as a result of a direct lightning strike. Such damage may include damage to roofing materials, structures such as chimneys, heating or air conditioning units located on the roof or exterior of a building, or fires caused by lightning igniting combustible material, such as wood-frame buildings or flammable liquids or vapors.

The electromagnetic fields from the current in a lightning strike can induce currents and voltage in wire and cables inside a building.

Lightning can also be conducted along plumbing pipes and other utility piping such as gas lines.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if a house gets struck by lightning. I’ve seen trees torn apart…no, I don’t wish to see a house struck by lightning, I just wonder. With this I think too how Metal Roofing Langley and their promised durability endure lightning? I guess steel roofing that offers a lifetime warranty as theirs is a good choice to go, accidents happen and it’s good to have a safety net—I mean roof to protect our home.

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