Souvenir from Canada #1 – Miniature Craigdarroch Castle

craigdarroch castle souvenir

A week into hubby’s vacation I received a lovely postcard of the Craigdarroch Castle, it was in pink and really cute. I haven’t received a letter from hubby for the longest time so I didn’t recognize his handwriting  at all. He said the place was a bit creepy (contrasts the outside appearance). Maybe because the Victorian castle has had an awfully large number of deaths before its completion thus the atmosphere. According to wiki, it has also been made the home of several institutions before becoming a National Historic Site of Canada and being opened to the public as a tourist attraction.

Craigdarroch castle has been home of the following:

The Dunsmuir era (1890-1908)
The Military Hospital Era (1919-1921)
Victoria College Era (1921-1946)
Victoria School Board Office Era (1946-1968)
Victoria Conservatory of Music Era (1969-1979)

When hubby came home he gave me this miniature of the castle. Sweet! Here are some of his photos from the trip too.

craigdarroch castle facade
Stained glass windows the castle is famous for
Stained glass windows the castle is famous for
Victorian table setup
billiard table

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