Cars do travel too!

My kids are definitely rubbing their animated nature into me. While on our way to the bank, my youngest nudged me with his elbow and pointed to these two trucks that look like cheap auto transport carriers. Not that it matters how they looked but they don’t look too sturdy to me, I had this feeling that the cars were going to run off by themselves!

The kids were giggling, they were fascinated as to why cars, which are supposed to carry people where travelling on a bigger vehicle. We often see these trucks because there are at least 8 car dealers and 3 used car dealers around our place. Just one car dealer across the tram station offers carwash, auto transport services, car finding and reselling services all advertised in bold letters on their glass walls.

Seeing the cars transported, starts the kids’ storytelling rant for the day. My old son would say… ”Tell us why those cars need a bigger car to carry them, you know like Lightning McQueen”, quickly followed by the other two nodded in agreement. I would have to retell how the movie story goes about how Mack, a Super-Liner, drops McQueen after being heckled by a bunch of rowdy, reckless street racers.

Anyway so much for the kiddie stories, I admit it’s one good movie and the storyline’s unique plus it teaches a lot about priorities and keeping one’s feet planted on the ground.

(Traffic, Torino, Italy)

Still about cars, one of the things I do whenever on the bus, train or car travelling is to take some quick snaps with the camera. I even have a blog for those photos. Whenever, I have car shots I do tilt shifting too, almost resembling miniatures but when viewed on eye-level.

Looking at these cars reminds me of dad’s own vehicles. He knew so well about how to buy a used car, he’s had about 3, all in good condition. He doesn’t have a used car price guide but he was so skilful in finding the best deals. Previously he owned an elf truck which was used for our delivery business. It’s sad that he’s not around anymore, I would love to ask him to buy me a my own car  such as  a used Renault Megane or the newest Honda Accord.

Buying pre-owned vehicles, comes with their pros and cons. Sure they’re cheaper but you can’t guarantee that it’s sound. You’ll have to consider the overall condition of the vehicle and this would have a major impact on pricing. This assessment should be based, not only on appearance, but vehicle history, mechanical condition, mileage and of course damages or problems.

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